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Learning Log 10

For this shot it was in the shade, It was a bride and she was taking a shot of whisky. I had to change my aperture  a lot just to get the perfect shot.


This was taken when the sun started to finally come out. For this shot I had to squat and bend down to get the shot because the doggo sitting on the rock, and he was small. The background was perfectly blurred out a bit to make the doggo stand out.


This one was taken down by Washington Street. I had to once again bend down and squat because of the upper point of view of the guys on the stairs on top. The clarity was good.

Learning Log #9

I took this photo of Alana from a low angle view, it was a bit sunny and we used the diffuser to lower the lighting.

This photo had a lot of sun light shining through my face. The sun finally came out and we used the light for good use to shine part of my face.

We decided to do a full body photo. There is light shining directly all over Alana.

We went to some fenced home near by, and there was a wall. The shadow and the light of the sun blends perfect.

This shot was taken through a tunnel. We were both taking photos of each other at the same time.

PSA Shots

For this shot we used a white background, and I had to crouch and we focused the camera on the belt which gave it a semi nice blur. We had to also change the lighting too.

for this shot I laid down “dead” the was light shown above me towards my face. To give it darkness.  I had to look towards the bottle to give it a more focused dark look.

We used the white background again. We were messing around, it looks more relaxed but it actually shows a meaning. That looks are deceiving.


For the midterm I will be following around my Best Friend. Aka Mochi

1. Leaving House

2. Bus Stop

3. In Bus

4. Shopping at the mall

5. Talking and Blushing

6. Eating and Drinking

7. Walking

8. Heading to Work

9. Working

10. Saying goodbye at work.