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Learning Log #11


In these three shots it took time and patience in order to get the exposure consistent with the background and environment, meanwhile to get the speedlight as well. The first shots does creates a little bit of a triangle near her nose and cheeks.

Learning Log #10


For the first shot I had to crouch down and get close to the ground in order to get the faces of the three girls. The image with the dog (named Blue) I had to get closer to it and change my setting a bit because it got cloudy and it got cloudy. The third one, was shot in the moment with the light highlighting the woman in the hair and the guy on his forehead. The fourth one was just a woman sitting down, taken quickly. The last one is two young girls having fun as their friend not in the shot is taking their picture.


While taking these shots and others in general the experience was difficult to change from the ISO and the aperture. The first photograph involved the use of a light reflector and the other images are all natural light. The natural light coming from the sides or from the back hitting hair.  The 4th photograph the sunlight is on her and has some strong highlights.

My PSA is about peer pressure and drugs, in order to get this shots I used one of the soft boxes that lit the models from right side. I also had LJ centered and holding the bottle, meanwhile I had Fernanda cover LJ and feed him the pill to signify influence and peer pressure.

Learning Log#8

For this photograph I used a butterfly/clam lighting.  The lightbox was lowered and placed in front of the model, as well as the light placed to lighten the background. The shutter speed is 1/200, the aperture is F6.3 and the ISO is set at 100. Futhermore, for the magazine I wanted to recreate a cover that had Ed Sheeran mostly the position and the background.

Learning Log #6


My object was a Versace perfume, for the first shot the perfume was placed to the edge of the table. The use of low key light, backlight and an attempt in using tracing paper to dim the light to make the logo stand out. For the second shot it consisted for a high key light, I believe that the light is placed on the left side. Since the perfume is glass it shine and we can see some of the edges from it.

Learning Log #5

These are the pictures that I have selected all of them use the flash on them. In the first one we set the shutter speed at 15 or 20 seconds because of previous pictures taken. The light was in the front of the lens and just  eyeballing. The second one we left the shutter at 20 seconds in order to have time to create the double exposure and have Fernanda in a different position. As well as use one of the lights to create a image that blends in. Lastly, a frame within a frame, using the same technique for the first image. It took some trial and error to create this one, having LJ moving further back and zooming out  in order to not block his face was the solution to get this shot.

Midterm List

The person who I will be photographing is my friend named Juana.

  • Waking up
  • When you just sit on your bed and don’t want to wake up (Contemplating life)
  • Tying her hair up
  • Washing her face
  • Brushing teeth
  • Preparing her tea
  • putting cream on her face
  • Applying chap stick
  • Using her moisturizer cream
  • watching her tablet
  • Applying eye drops
  • Putting on makeup
  • Getting ready to go out

In college:

  • Getting Food
  • Eating
  • Studying
  • walking out the building

end of day:

  • waiting for the bus
  • using metrocard machine
  • window eye shopping
  • swiping metrocard to go into the station