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Assignment 2

photo of girl and side lighting

This photograph I chose because of the lighting that is her hitting her side of her body and that is coming from the window. As well, that all of her features of her face there is a lot of detail and highlights. The use of lightroom enhances it.

Homework #1

Jim Richardson landscape photograph

I was drawn to the landscape photograph by Jim Richardson because of the reflection that it creates with the horizon line. Creating a balance or symmetry in the photograph, as well at an eye level view from the distance where the photograph is taken.

Influential Photo

A pillow fight between the Beatles

The Pillow Fight

The photograph ‘The Pillow Fight’ taken by Harry Benson, 1964, is a photograph of the English rock band The Beatles. The reason why I chose this photograph is because it shows happiness between the members. As well as living in the moment and having fun when you are surrounded with friends. Furthermore, behind the scene of this photograph that Benson states “I was so close to not being there,” meaning to take a risk or opportunity that is presented to you.