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Learning Log #10

For this shot I was across the street so I really had t take advantage of the full zoom to capture this candid and emotional moment.

This shot I was right next to the hot dog stand and I was waiting for the right moment for the vendor to hand the customer his hotdog. Luckily I got a perfect middle shot of him handing the customer the hotdog.

This moment was when the boy felt left behind because his sister rode off without him. This expression seems like a combination of sad yet determined. I also tried to used the rule of thirds in this shot.

This was another candid moment of a mother and daughter relaxing on the park bench. This was a spare in the moment shot since they were already naturally posed.

This shot was also spare in the moment and they are naturally posed in a romantic position. I had to also zoom in on this shot since they were a bit far from me.


Learning Log #10

In order to get these shots I had to ask each some of the individuals for a shot. They were all very nice and cooperative. For some of the shots I didn’t have to ask because a lot of people were being photographed anyway. I had to frame my camera in order to get a good composition of the subjects and make sure the lighting was close to them. To accomplish the looks I had to make sure I had enough room in the photo.

Learning Log 10

For this shot it was in the shade, It was a bride and she was taking a shot of whisky. I had to change my aperture  a lot just to get the perfect shot.


This was taken when the sun started to finally come out. For this shot I had to squat and bend down to get the shot because the doggo sitting on the rock, and he was small. The background was perfectly blurred out a bit to make the doggo stand out.


This one was taken down by Washington Street. I had to once again bend down and squat because of the upper point of view of the guys on the stairs on top. The clarity was good.

learning log 10

 This was Jonathan he let me photography me. He graduated from City Tech 6 years ago super nice fellow. This is Natalie and I forgot her friends name, they were from Brazil and both very sweet. I caught this sweet moment of the guy kissing the woman, its a bit out of place for public but I thought it was a nice genuine moment  There were a group of bicyclists turning the corner and I stood still and snapped several pictures of them wooshing by. These young ladies were very sweet about letting me take pictures of them.

I walked by these folks who were recording something and spontaneously snapped a shot of them being rushed by the dog, the girl looked up as I took the picture.

Learning Log #9

For my PSA log I decided to make my topic on alcoholism. I was able to work on this project alone which was a bit challenging but I was able to push through and make the best out of it. I used two kinds of lighting for my shots. My favorite part of this shoot was the idea and concept behind it.

Learning Log 9

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In today’s class we’ve taken portraits using natural light. I’ve used a reflector for the second and last photos to boost the highlights and soften shadows. The aperture for these photos were F2.8 and I’ve adjusted the shutter speed depending on the light conditions.

Learning Log #9

In order to get these shots I had to make sure my angles and lighting were specific. I had to make sure my panel was pointing at the sun in order to get the reflection of the sun to hit my models face. My favorite part of this photoshoot was being able to shoot it outside. We had a lot of fun working together.