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Log #9

  Took this one from a higher angle to get waist up shot

 The gold reflector worked really well for this shot .

This was with the help of the diffuser to soften the direct sunlight that was hitting her face.


I tried to make these shots as simple as possible and have the background do the work.  Having the subject in the middle of off to the right to line up with the rule of thirds.  I wanted the background to have a consistent theme, for example on if the background is a street there should be more than one car.

Learning Log #9 Outdoor Portraits

To capture these photographs, I first had to adjust the ISO, shutter speed and aperture to go with the amount of light that was available at the time of shooting. At first, the photos were to dark or to bright so it was crucial that the camera settings had to be adjusted accordingly. That being said, the light source was from the sun in the outdoor on a cloudy day so there was no real way to control it aside from positioning reflectors around the model/subject to get some light back into their face. Lastly, we had to go around the given environment which is the playground to found spots to take these photographs. Then the model had to pose in varies ways and the position of where I was taking the photograph had to be changed, too. For example, I would crouch down or try to get a height advantage to get a photograph from a certain angle.

Learning Log 8 – PSA

Depression PSA Depression PSA

I had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot, in the image I had my peer reach out for the bupropion bottle and and used one light with a grid. The second image, the lighting was also achieved with a grid. Then I composited  several images together, turn two with a ghost like affect and turning them black and white, but the main image stayed in color.

My PSA is about peer pressure and drugs, in order to get this shots I used one of the soft boxes that lit the models from right side. I also had LJ centered and holding the bottle, meanwhile I had Fernanda cover LJ and feed him the pill to signify influence and peer pressure.

Learning Log #8


In this photo I used a black background to achieve a more dramatic look. In addition, I used two strobe lights with a light box attached to produce softer lighting. I’ve also used a reflector facing the model to reduce glare from the soda bottle.

PSA Shots

For this shot we used a white background, and I had to crouch and we focused the camera on the belt which gave it a semi nice blur. We had to also change the lighting too.

for this shot I laid down “dead” the was light shown above me towards my face. To give it darkness.  I had to look towards the bottle to give it a more focused dark look.

We used the white background again. We were messing around, it looks more relaxed but it actually shows a meaning. That looks are deceiving.