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Learning Log #12

Had the subject stand still while letting cars go by them to get the background to blur. Shot with tripod.

Had the subject moving with a moving background to get both to blur. Shot hand held instead of tripod.


Shadow Clone Jutsu (Aka  Photoshop magic)

Learning Log #11

Leading lines to create depth.  Had the flash shooting down on her to light up her face.

Flash aiming right at her mixed with the flash that created this really nice tone on her face.

Really nice contrast that made the side of her face really pop.

Log #9

  Took this one from a higher angle to get waist up shot

 The gold reflector worked really well for this shot .

This was with the help of the diffuser to soften the direct sunlight that was hitting her face.


I tried to make these shots as simple as possible and have the background do the work.  Having the subject in the middle of off to the right to line up with the rule of thirds.  I wanted the background to have a consistent theme, for example on if the background is a street there should be more than one car.