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Steliuos Spinthouyrakis Extra Credit

As a whole, I enjoyed this photo gallery a lot, I felt as if all photos were well taken and had a though out idea before the photo was actually taken. I would of never of thought these photos were taken by students if it wasn’t said. Walking through and seeing all of them, they all told a story. There were so many different types of photos, I really enjoyed the black and white portrait photos because it felt like they were from the 70s or 60s. Although all of them were still good, the ones I dislike the most were experiment watermarked looking ones. They look as if the person was upside down. It left me very confused, I first thought they were paintings.

My first favorite one would have to be the old man with a yellow jacket aim in with a rifle. The angle that the photo was taken in allows you to see everything that is going on, as well as his facial expression which gives the photo more emotion. My second favorite photo would be the rodeo one, where you see the bulls and the rider, I like this photo because it shows a genuine relationship between the bulls and the rider. My third favorite would have to be the picture of building completely destroyed left in ashes. I like this one because it makes you ask a lot of question, you want to keep staring at it hoping you understand it better.



learning log 9


In todays class we had to take pictures with natural lighting where a silver and golden reflector  were used. To do this we had to angle it perfectly against the sunlight to get that brightness and more exposure in just the face. Some had no reflectors used because the lighting was already good. I was always trying to blur the background to put more focus into the subject.

learning log 6


I choose these photos to post, because i like the angles and shadowing on each of them. As well as the reflective floor to give it a more professional look. These 3 photos came out very clear. I like how i was able to get the arrow to show in the ring, it gives it more detail and makes it more interesting.

learning log 5

All photos were taken with a 10 second shutter and a 100 ISO to have  the darkest back-round possible. We realized you have to go slow with the lights so they can come out clear and crisp.

This photo was taken by writing boss backwards.

This photo was taken by having the subject stay still, and then take two lights at the same time and make a squiggly lines around her.

This photo was taken by having no flash go off but just have the background led light make a black shadow figure. Again, we wrote the text “Tim” backwards for it show correctly,

mid term shot list

i will be having my grandma as my subject for my mid term

this is not a final of the order or what exactly she will be doing

1 wakes up

2 coffee

3 feeds cat

4 watch tv

5 leaves apartment

6 makes food

7 does laundry

8 starts crosswords

8 eats dinner

9 wash dishes

10 goes to bed

homework #1 Stelios

Alex Noriega

I chose this photographer because i liked his style of taking landscape photos. This one to be specific, like how he captures the sun hitting the snow to create warms tones throughout the photo. He’s able to create so much depth  with the trails and diagonals. I also liked how this was a perfect timing photo right before the sun goes away. Usually it is really hard to capture white, but he does it so well.