Learning Log #12 _PSA

I choose to do a vaccination PSA, to rise the importance of vaccination. My original photo is very saturate, therefore I toned down the rich color to complement the backdrop, I used intense red for my headline pushing it to the top of the visual hierarchy. I used magic selection tool to isolated the figure away from the original background and added a new background, however, the selection is perfect. I enjoyed today’s section.



Learning Log #12- PSA

Doing this PSA was pretty tricky because of how much I struggled with trying to figure out how my PSA was going to look. My PSA is about how we should all stop being way too focused on our phones/technology and be able to enjoy our time with people around us as well as our loved ones. I wanted to show how social media and phones have taken over our lives and how we basically just stop talking to people.

Learning Log #12 PSA

For this Learning Log, I decided to do a PSA about how we as people should never be discriminated based on what we look like or how we act, and that we should all be accepted as who we are. For this I had my teammates stand together doing something peaceful, like petting a small bunny. It symbolizes family, hope and peace, and also that we can always get along with each other.

Learning Log #12 – PSA

For my PSA I decided to do it on global warming. I want to encourage people to use their voice and advocate for cleaner choices that will help our environment. We only have one earth and it will slowly die out if we don’t make more conscious decisions to protect it. I struggled with the use of Photoshop but I’m extremely satisfied with how this poster came out.

Learning Log #12 – PSA

In today’s lesson we learned how to create a PSA (public service announcement). My PSA was sexual assault with males, not a lot of people are educated on this but men can be sexually assaulted/ molested as well. Many people believe that is it a one sided thing when in reality both male and females. I chose this topic because it’s an issue that needed to be addressed and an issue that needs to be taken care of. The behind the scenes was very easy to manage for once. One set of difficulties I came across was lighting, nothing major I just needed to bring in more light to my photos. I was able to make those minor touch ups in Adobe LightRoom and Adobe Photoshop. Overall, I believe that this image was very successful and I hope the message is being spread all over.

Learning Log #12 – PSA

For this learning log, I decided to do a House Rabbit Society PSA about abandoned pet bunnies. My target audience are mostly parents who wants to buy a Easter bunny for their kids or new bunny owner. My plan was to make the image depressing with a bunny plush toy to get my message across for the new owners.

Learning Log #12-PSA

For my psa, I chose to do anxiety. This topic is something personal to me as I have chronic anxiety. Over the years it has gotten better but still there are others out there who suffer in silence or do not get the help they need in order to better control their anxiety. I liked this shoot today because we got another chance to express our ideas again. To execute this I had my partner David pose with his hands covering his face and look down a little.