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Learning Log #12 PSA

For this Learning Log, I decided to do a PSA about how we as people should never be discriminated based on what we look like or how we act, and that we should all be accepted as who we are. For this I had my teammates stand together doing something peaceful, like petting a small bunny. It symbolizes family, hope and peace, and also that we can always get along with each other.


I chose a TIME magazine as my template for this assignment. I really enjoyed working on this assignment. it was a enjoyable experience to work with these people, getting the right photos to match the concept of what I wanted for this cover. i really thought the color and lighting tone I chose for this photo really matched the tone for this cover shot.

Learning Log #10: Advertising


This class was a lot more pleasant and easy to follow. My product that I used for my photos was a container of Extra Brand chewing gum, and a bottle of Poland Spring water. I mostly focused on lighting and the positioning of my products so that there weren’t any beams reflecting off of my products. The shots I took came out exactly how I had planned for them to come out.

Learning Log #9: Light Painting

These are my best shots from today’s lesson. there were some struggles that occurred during today’s lesson. There some difficulties with the brightness of the lights, the flash wouldn’t go off at times, also a few times, there were some troubles when it came to communication. however, we were able to fix these struggles and get the photographs we needed.  

Learning log #8- Portrait Lighting 2


Edge lighting

3 point with hair light.

3 point with background light.

For this week’s class we discussed 4 different types of photographic lighting procedures. butterfly, edge hair light and background light. All of the subjects for my photos were useful. Each person that I photographed was exceptionally helpful in providing the best form for my photos based on what direction and form was required.

Learning Log #7: Portrait Lighting 1








Photo 1 is an example of rembrandt. Photo 2 exemplifies split. Photo 3 is an example of either broad or short. Photo 4 is an example of loop. And photo 5 is another example for split. what I did for these photos was setting the light at the right angle so that they match up with the models, so that it gives the exact shot needed fo the above photos.

Learning log #6: High & Low Key Lighting for Still Life


What I have learned from doing this assignment was that it is vitally important to have your camera focused and your lighting set correctly for wether your working in high or low key lighting. If one of these elements are not done right, the images would come out differently from what you originally expected to be. What settings I used for this assignment are using both a high angle and eye level shot, well lit lighting, and I made sure no one blocked the light or gave any shadows that might ruin the shot. I had to ensure that all elements were perfect to get the most perfect shots.

Learning Log #5


What settings I used for this assignment are that I kept my shutter speed at around f8-9. I made sure my aperture was at a good enough level so that nothing looked too bright and difficult to see. Also, it took a bit of time to make sure that every single one of the photos looked right and it got a little difficult involving timing the shots. However, I managed to get the right shots at the exact time that I needed them.