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Learning Log #12 _PSA

I choose to do a vaccination PSA, to rise the importance of vaccination. My original photo is very saturate, therefore I toned down the rich color to complement the backdrop, I used intense red for my headline pushing it to the top of the visual hierarchy. I used magic selection tool to isolated the figure away from the original background and added a new background, however, the selection is perfect. I enjoyed today’s section.



Learning Log #10 Advertisement

My idea was to photograph a concealer and make the advertisement all based on the concealer I had. I wanted a mirror effect because I thought it would look nice since its a beauty product and most beauty products usually have that mirrored look which I really enjoy. I wanted to show someone opening the concealer which I thought would add on to the look and make it interesting as an ad. Overall I really like these 2 photos because of how they both are mirrored and both have different concepts to it.

Learing Log #9 – Lighting Painting

I flashed speed-light on the figure multiple time with different poses, the result gave me multiplied of same figure in a single frame.  I also did some light graffiti while doing multiple exposure. The challenge we faced as a group was we communicated very poorly, and that slowed our photo shoots. overall, I enjoyed today’s photo shoots.


Learning Log #8 -Portrait Lighting 2

I took all my portraits vertically, therefore I was able to eliminate unwanted object out of the background. Good lighting helps immensely when taking the portraits, most of the work goes into the lighting setup, taking the shot is actually the easiest one.


Edge Lighting

3 Point With Hair Light

3 Point With Background Light

3 Point With Background Light


Learning Log #8 Portrait Lighting 2

3 point with hair light

3 point with background light


Edge Lighting

I really enjoyed taking these photos in different lightings because they all created a different vibe and feel to it. It was really fun and interesting to learn how to take these photos and I learned a lot during the process of it. One of my favorite photos is the last one with edge lighting with Kiara in it because it gives a relax feel to it and a really calming vibe. It gives these vibes because of the edge lighting which I like a lot.

Learning Log #7 Portrait Lighting 1

Loop lighting

Broad Lighting

Short/Split Lighting


Split lighting

I really like all of these photos because of the way they’re all unique and different from each other. My favorite one that I took was the first one of christian because of how we played with the gels to try to make a gradient kind of color with the blue and red. For each of these photos I made sure to position my models that way the photo would come out with the kind of lighting I wanted. Overall, this was fun to do and play around with because it was all different and fun.