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Learning Log #12 _PSA

I choose to do a vaccination PSA, to rise the importance of vaccination. My original photo is very saturate, therefore I toned down the rich color to complement the backdrop, I used intense red for my headline pushing it to the top of the visual hierarchy. I used magic selection tool to isolated the figure away from the original background and added a new background, however, the selection is perfect. I enjoyed today’s section.



Learing Log #9 – Lighting Painting

I flashed speed-light on the figure multiple time with different poses, the result gave me multiplied of same figure in a single frame.  I also did some light graffiti while doing multiple exposure. The challenge we faced as a group was we communicated very poorly, and that slowed our photo shoots. overall, I enjoyed today’s photo shoots.


Learning Log #8 -Portrait Lighting 2

I took all my portraits vertically, therefore I was able to eliminate unwanted object out of the background. Good lighting helps immensely when taking the portraits, most of the work goes into the lighting setup, taking the shot is actually the easiest one.


Edge Lighting

3 Point With Hair Light

3 Point With Background Light

3 Point With Background Light


Learning Log # 7: Portrait Lighting

It is extremely easy taking photos with continuous lighting as compare to natural light, the light can be adjust to the needs of the photographer.  however, lighting up the object properly and understand the use of each lighting is definitely something I should learn and practice furthermore.

Broad Lighting


Loop Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting

Short Lighting

Split Lighting


Learning Log #6 High & Low Key Still Life.



Still life photos are some of my favorite, Instead of focusing the entire diorama, I focused on specific part of the still life by position myself and zooming in, I think this way the story or the moments can captured. The Low key photos feels very constrained as all the negative space is “filled in”, however on the other hand, there is a sense of openness to the high key photos as there is no edge that frames the photo.

Learning Log # 5

It gave me little head ache to adjust IOS and aperture when changing shutter speed, but I manage to figure it out. also timing when taking frozen photo is little difficult,  I had to take multiple shot to get the result i wanted. but all in all, todays shooting is very educational.