Fairytale Idea

My idea is a modern take on little red riding hood. It will take place around my home and would follow Little Red (Me) coming from the grocery store with groceries and the wolf ( my dog) who would be portrayed as a stray dog following behind me, stalking me.

I turn around and instead if being afraid of the animal I aim to befriend it. The end is a positive ending of the wolf being befriended rather than killed by the hunter.

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About Kiara Camacho

I’m indecisive about how this bio should look. I was never placed into a graphic design program in high school and my photography teacher was in the hospital during that ‘one time’ in photography class so I never had a strong mentor to teach me what I wanted to know and what I never knew. I went to a low large high school with an under-funded art department in Pennsylvania and a low level high school on the lower east side of New York. In my first year of City Tech I had a teacher by the name of Paul Perlow and he was a piece of work. He continuously doubted by “sense of creativity” as he called it and harshly criticized every piece of art work I designed. At one point I doubted myself as a potential designer and as an art director. Then again he isn’t the one making the designs, and I took every fallback that I had and am using it as motivation. It's never good to let yourself be measured by someone else's thoughts.

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