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About Kiara Camacho

I’m indecisive about how this bio should look. I was never placed into a graphic design program in high school and my photography teacher was in the hospital during that ‘one time’ in photography class so I never had a strong mentor to teach me what I wanted to know and what I never knew. I went to a low large high school with an under-funded art department in Pennsylvania and a low level high school on the lower east side of New York. In my first year of City Tech I had a teacher by the name of Paul Perlow and he was a piece of work. He continuously doubted by “sense of creativity” as he called it and harshly criticized every piece of art work I designed. At one point I doubted myself as a potential designer and as an art director. Then again he isn’t the one making the designs, and I took every fallback that I had and am using it as motivation. It's never good to let yourself be measured by someone else's thoughts.

Fairytale Idea

My idea is a modern take on little red riding hood. It will take place around my home and would follow Little Red (Me) coming from the grocery store with groceries and the wolf ( my dog) who would be portrayed as a stray dog following behind me, stalking me.

I turn around and instead if being afraid of the animal I aim to befriend it. The end is a positive ending of the wolf being befriended rather than killed by the hunter.

Learning Log #8








3 point with background lighting





Edge lighting







3 point with hair light







Learning Log number 8 was about working with 3 point light and I had to learn about where to position the lights, adjusting camera settings in order to work with the lights. At first it was difficult but then it got easier and in the ned i actually enjoyed it.

Learning Log #6

I found the the still life photoshoot interesting with different backgrounds, lighting tips and color gels but what I found difficult was focusing the camera. The camera was on a tripod and shouldn’t have been to difficult to manually focus the camera and my dominant hand was slightly hindered in movement so the shoot came with its challenges. It wasn’t until I was editing my images that i noticed that not all of the subjects were focused.












Learning Log #5

I learned that for my movement photos i had to keep it at the lowest ISO on the camera which was 100 and for my frozen motion photos I had to have higher exposure. I was going to use just my partners for my images but then a group of high schoolers came in and i wanted to use one them bouncing a ball and i wanted to use that for my frozen image to keep it interesting.