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Learning Log #4

These are my favorite photos because the last 2 give me a sense of depth while the first one gives me a more sassy, irrelevant vibe that I really like. I’ve worked with the equipment before in my last photography class but never outside so some of this was new to me but it was fun to work with. At some points my speedlight was too powerful and then the natural sunlight would come in and obscure my photos a bit so me and my partners had to adjust our arpeture, our ISO and even the speedlight.

Learning Log #4 flash/ Ambient light

I really like these 3 photos that I took of my group partners because of the interesting wall behind them as well as the lighting aspect it shows. To take these photos I used the speed light and played around with it in each shot to see where it would get me. The speed light in the first shot was to the right of him and wasn’t as close as the third one which shows a lot of light but that was also because of how we changed the settings of the speed light. I really like how these photos came out and I like how ambient light really can make a difference for outdoor shoots which I never knew before.


For the photo with the tree, the model and I had to get in the bushes and I shot with the camera tilted slightly down. For the other two, I took at eye level. I tried not to be very close and had the lens around 85mm.

Learning Log #4 Flash/Ambient

Using a speed light to add lighting to these images were really cool. It was a slight over cast with the sunlight peaking in out of the clouds. I used the natural sunlight to my advantage and placed the speed light in front of Marione to create a glow of light on her. I used many different angles an positioned her in different spots to catch the sunlight that came from behind her. In the images I posted the sun was hidden with clouds but it highlighted Marione’s face very nicely I think. In the last image the sun was actually glaring in her direction but due to me positioning her in an area where she had to sit low, I was able to create a soft diffused setting which actually made it look dark out. I kept in mind a low iso, and aperture. All in all very enjoyable photos.

Learning Log #4 – Flash/Ambient

These are my three best photos. The technique being used for the shots this week were flash and ambient lighting. Similar to what happened with the lighting and the use of reflectors a few weeks prior, the outcome of the images light quality was impacted depending on how the light was being directed. The sunlight was sporadic in this instance, so the light setting of each shot came out slightly different to each other. In my pictures, the drastic change in the light that the umbrella applied is evident. A subtle light difference was made onto the areas of Kiara’s face that were obscured because of the darker setting of where the shots were taken.


learning log #4 flash/ ambient

these are my best photos for this weeks in class as for flash and ambient. i try to do my best as to learning how to use the flash lighting which it is a bit confusing but i got the hang of it. i wanted the flash to bounce off her eye wear which i did accomplish but was maybe a bit too bright. the brightness give it a look of blow out. i think it works.

Learning Log #4 – Flash/Ambient

Today’s lesson focused on Outdoor Flash/ Ambient Lighting and I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed how the lights and shadows went hand to hand with each other and created these amazing contrast. I decided to play with natural light and with the flash (speed light) that was given to us to see if it would give me a nice contrast of both high and low. I believe that my “disliked” photo would be the second photo only because I wanted it to have more shadow rather than the natural light, but in a sense it works because it’s a mixture of the two. The first photo and the last one worked really well for me because it gave me the dramatic light that I wanted. I wanted the shadows on one side giving it a dramatic effect and a great light source on the other side. Overall, I enjoyed this lesson today because it helped me understand how great lighting works hand and hand with the dark.



Learning log #4: Flash/Ambient light


These are my three best photos that relate to this weeks topic of photography. what I did to take these photos was that I basically went to area where there was enough ambient light, and had the flash set at an angle where the dark shadow areas were most seen so we can get the right amount of of natural and flash light so that the photos would come out acceptable. the moderate ambient light level that came from the area me and my team were located at made it the most perfect place to take these photos. we also had the flash light set at a accurate level so that it did not interfere with the natural light settings.