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Final project idea

For my final project I will be doing The Tortoise and the Hare. I will have both of my friends dress up as a bunny and a turtle. I will recreate the concept of the story in a real life scenario. Take about 10 pictures and a few close ups and low angles shots to make the bunny feel superior. The settings will take place on a race track in a park.

Learning Log #9 Product Photography

For today class, we brought in items to takes photographs of. The topic was product photography. We used different lighting. The topic for me was kinda hard because the product I was using. The package was crumbled and the cupcake was a mess but I still managed to get some good shots especially with the lighting. My favorite shot was the dark theme ( the last shot ). The lights was pointing diagonally and thats how I got that shadow thats casting.

Learning Log#8 – Portrait lighting 2

Back Lighting

short lighting

Butterfly lighting 

Edge  Lighting 

Today class, we work with 4 different lighting. Butterfly, edge, short, and back lighting. For the first photo I did a low angle shot and the contrast made a light pop more. The 2nd photo, the model was looking up. I capture that moment to get a rim lighting . You could see the lighting on the model’s forehead and the glare on her glasses. The 3rd photo, the model was place in the middle of the shot and use a white a background with bright lighting. To get this look I lower the aperture. The last photo, the model back was turnt and place the lighting towards her back and some lighting on the front.

Learning Log #6

The 1st photo, my classmate helped me with the lighting, he used a red and blue plastic wrap and cover up the main light, which it a purple look. The theme of this photo suppose to be dark and I used a ramp to make it look like the car driving up a hill. The 2nd photo was to be a dinosaur with a hat. The car in the background make it look like it’s creeping up.

Homework #3 Photoville

I visited photoville last Sunday. There’s tons of photos with different colors, contrast, stories, and compositions. This one that I’ve seen stood out to me at the event. The reason why because this the only photo that I’ve seen with illustrations. The black and white really brings out the contrast. Im not sure who’s “Ruler Rick” but I feel like the illustrations match with his character.