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LL#12- PSA

At first I had hard time coming up with an idea for the PSA because lack of props made me feel limited with the ideas I wanted to do. However I decided to go with bullying. My overall issues were with lighting but were fixed a little by moving one of the lights closer to the ground and subject. I also increased some of the saturation to bring more color to the skin and so it wouldn’t be so light.

LL#11- Magazine Cover Shoot

The shoot today was fun, but a little difficult. Posing was a little frustrating, trying to figure out the best pose. Not only trying to figure out the best pose, but trying to guide my model to create it. The lighting was good enough, but in hindsight, maybe I would’ve liked to explore more with it. The shooting session was shorter than usual, but I still got the shot I needed.

LL#9- Light Painting

My photos actually didn’t come out as well as I expected them to. There were a few ideas that I wanted to do, but didn’t know how. The main struggle I feel was the timing for the shots. However I did like these and think they were my best. Using the pixel stick was my favorite.

LL#7- Portrait Lighting 1






When taking these photos, I noticed broad and short lighting were the easiest to get. Second to them was split lighting. Rembrandt and loop lighting, I found to be more difficult. I can’t pinpoint which image I like the most, but I really like broad and short lighting. But the most interesting image to me is the one with split lighting. It has a kind of creepy feeling.

LL#6- High & Low Key Lighting for Still Life

Challenges I faced for the first photo were figuring where to place the light and how to adjust my cameras settings. In some positions, the objects would come out too dark and be barely visible. In other positions, it would look very light and the image would come out a bit flat. For the second photo, I arranged the objects so there was one in the foreground, middle ground, and background. The lighting wasn’t hard to deal with, but did get darker with the gels.

LL#5 – Action/Motion Portraits


In the first shot, I asked my subject to run through the ramp. In doing so, the blur of her legs are behind the still rail, which I found pretty interesting. In the second shot, my subject kicked up and to help catch the moment, I snapped the camera when her leg was at the top of her swing. Her speed is slowest at that point, making it easier to capture. Coincidentally her leg was at the same angle of a tree’s branch that was behind her, which I found to make the photo better.


For the photo with the tree, the model and I had to get in the bushes and I shot with the camera tilted slightly down. For the other two, I took at eye level. I tried not to be very close and had the lens around 85mm.

LL3- Street Photography

Today’s assignment was fun and interesting. It took me out of my comfort zone because I didn’t want to get caught taking photos of people (which I did) and I had to used to being caught. To get the photos I tried to stand far away for most of them. In photos I couldn’t be far away, I had my partner stand in the direction of the people I was shooting, so it looked like I was taking a photo of my partner instead. Overall, I enjoyed it.