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Learning Log #8- Portrait lighting 2

Edge lighting

3 point hair light

3 point with background light

Butterfly / Clamshell

these are the type of light

today we were introduce to four type of flashing light technique. all very useful, in the first setup of light is the edge lighting. she was just walking around and happened to walk in the light, snap. in the 3 point hair lighting it was not too hard and easier then i expected but i just  kept it simple. 3 point with background lighting i use the lines of thirds and on the last butterfly / clamshell  it was mush easier to just place the reflector underneath to add the lighting which gives it a pop.




Learning Log#7 -Portrait Lighting 1













well today was a bit much being that there was so my type of lighting techniques. and many interesting ways to use them so i did  i learn a few things today. to the station in which we were in due the lighting most of the images had a different outcomes.





Learning Log #6- High & Low KeyLighting For Still Life

I think these are my best two. the first image is the high key lighting using the lightbox to adjust the light to the items to way i thought it was a good spot but it not what i wanted but now i know where i did those mistakes. on the low key i thought i was a bit easier for me in the way that i has to use the tripod for the time and keeping the camera steady due to the  aperture.

Learning Log #5- action/motion Portraits

two images that i think really work as to the assignment. the first image was the semi blur in which i use the panning and mainly followed the seat swing along it path causing the blurry  background. on the second image i set the setting 1/600 and on a continually shots to capture the moment cause it happen so quick. but before this shot it was a on a single shot causing me to miss the right moment but i got it and the second try.

learning log #4 flash/ ambient

these are my best photos for this weeks in class as for flash and ambient. i try to do my best as to learning how to use the flash lighting which it is a bit confusing but i got the hang of it. i wanted the flash to bounce off her eye wear which i did accomplish but was maybe a bit too bright. the brightness give it a look of blow out. i think it works.