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Homework #3 Photoville


I went to photoville on Saturday with my friend. And both of us really stopped our way and had a moment to see this work. It is by Josh Haner, a photographer at The New York Times. The color scheme of the photos is just really nice, and the composition in the third photo is amazing. But then I noticed that the photos are about the effects of climate change in greenland. It had brought awareness through beautiful artwork, reminding the audience that we won’t be able to see the beauty of nature in the future but just in the photos.


Sophia Kim


Homework #3: Photoville

I was drawn to this photo particularly as I was walking through each gallery, the contrast between the silhouetted figures and dawn at the background is what stopped me. Without any context, one can make out the setting of this photo. The endless field, the signature hat, and the horse really described south very well.

Homework #1- Photographer Blog Post

I really enjoyed viewing Jerry Ghionis’s work. Ghionis is known for being one of the top five wedding photographers in the world. Once you get a look a his portfolio (which include portraits also) you will see why. After meeting and marrying his wife Melissa they traveled internationally an created a business together.Ghionis creating playful and imaginative photography that tells a story showing personality, love and confidence. You get a sense of what type of photographer Ghionis is, with how comfortable an free his subjects look in the photographs. Using a Nikon, Ghionis creates simple, yet descriptive setting of love amongst the couples and their families. Also catching shots that are unforgettably distinct, with a contemporary style.  The photo I picked is a bride in a beautiful dress, with her back facing the camera showing her profile. At first I didn’t notice but there is an elegant reflective nude of the bride within the same photograph in the same position. The bride postioned in the light to give off a shadow that is now her nude reflection. Leaving space for the reflection to fade in the photograph. It is down very tastefully, and whatever the story is behind this photo is gives me a sense off, “I am a sexy bride, with or without clothing, and I’m ready to wed”.

Homework #1 – Photographer Blog Post

Joey Lawrence’s,  “Harmless Harvest: An intimate portrait of Thailand’s coconut farmers” is the photograph that stood out the most. The irony of this being the typically mundane black and white picture is that it feels a lot louder than any of the others.

The sharpness of the translucent white sunshine and glistening reflection of the river hold the authority of highlighting every minute detail in the photographs black areas. The entire balance is working really well because of that effect and in turn, makes for a really relaxing picture. It becomes a good shot to just pause and let your mind wander, as you scan through its softly toned landscape.


Homework #1 Photographer Blog Post

`Joe McNally’s photographs caught my attention with his portrait photography. I’m studying portrait photography and he gave me some new ideas I could try. One of his photographs that I found interesting was the one with the guy holding a torch. This photo has a interesting look. It has motion and a clear look. Usually shooting a motion picture the image is blurry but this one is different. What I notice that the subject is not center which makes the image more interesting. It gives it more of a lead room. The colors in the photograph has a dark tone make it look like an action kind of theme. What also make Joe McNally a great photographer is that his photographs has stories behind them.

Top Modern Photographers You Should Know About

Homework #1 – Photographer Blog Post

After browsing through the blog, I was particularly drawn to this photography, Thunderstorm brings rain to the Kansas Flint Hills by Jim Richardson. The composition of this photo is very interesting, symmetrical with rain coming in diagonally, the horizontal skyline and winding path at the foreground that is leading the vision up to the hill. It may seem there is not much happening in this photo, but the combination of lines paints a vivid scene, the trajectory of the cloud implying the thunderstorm dissipating, the sky is clearing slowly. What amazes me about this photo is not how highly skilled this photographer is,  but rather the patience of this photographer. It is hard to take an amazing Landscape Photography, it requires patience and luck. Good timing, favorable weather, and geographical convenience, these are the definition of a good landscape photo, after all the preconditions are met, then a photographer can finally apply his\her skill and press the button.

Thunderstorm brings rain to the Kansas Flint Hills

Thunderstorm brings rain to the Kansas Flint Hills, Jim Richardson: Landscape Photography

HW 1

This photograph is by Joey L. He is from Brooklyn, New York and he started doing photography when he was a teenager. Him doing a film project has started him to take interest in doing photography. His style is mostly focus on portraits from different cultures. I choose this photograph because of the framing and the use of leading lines. Joey uses the boat’s perspective to make the little girl from the middle as the focal point. The white fog covering the small part of the palm tree help focus our eyes to the little girl.

Homework #1

The photo I chose to write about is called Time Stood Still by Alex Noriega and it shows landscape photography. I chose this photograph because I love landscape photography and because when I first saw this photo I immediately got drawn to it. This photograph grabbed my attention because of the natural colors it displays along with the mountains and scenic view it ties in. This photo has a wonderful composition of depth and an amazing view. I can tell this photographer has a true eye for landscape photography and enjoys it. I really enjoy this photograph since its so pleasing to the eye and so beautiful overall.

Homework Assignment #1


The photographer that I chose is Alex Noriega. One of his works called Like a Dream really stood out for me. The picture is black and white. It has a beauty of symmetry and contrast. And the rule of third is very well shown in the picture, which gives a nice depth. All of his works shows the beauty of nature, and I can feel how much he appreciates the nature.


Sophia Kim