Homework #1- Photographer Blog Post

I really enjoyed viewing Jerry Ghionis’s work. Ghionis is known for being one of the top five wedding photographers in the world. Once you get a look a his portfolio (which include portraits also) you will see why. After meeting and marrying his wife Melissa they traveled internationally an created a business together.Ghionis creating playful and imaginative photography that tells a story showing personality, love and confidence. You get a sense of what type of photographer Ghionis is, with how comfortable an free his subjects look in the photographs. Using a Nikon, Ghionis creates simple, yet descriptive setting of love amongst the couples and their families. Also catching shots that are unforgettably distinct, with a contemporary style.  The photo I picked is a bride in a beautiful dress, with her back facing the camera showing her profile. At first I didn’t notice but there is an elegant reflective nude of the bride within the same photograph in the same position. The bride postioned in the light to give off a shadow that is now her nude reflection. Leaving space for the reflection to fade in the photograph. It is down very tastefully, and whatever the story is behind this photo is gives me a sense off, “I am a sexy bride, with or without clothing, and I’m ready to wed”.





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