Homework #1 – Photographer Blog Post

After browsing through the blog, I was particularly drawn to this photography, Thunderstorm brings rain to the Kansas Flint Hills by Jim Richardson. The composition of this photo is very interesting, symmetrical with rain coming in diagonally, the horizontal skyline and winding path at the foreground that is leading the vision up to the hill. It may seem there is not much happening in this photo, but the combination of lines paints a vivid scene, the trajectory of the cloud implying the thunderstorm dissipating, the sky is clearing slowly. What amazes me about this photo is not how highly skilled this photographer is,  but rather the patience of this photographer. It is hard to take an amazing Landscape Photography, it requires patience and luck. Good timing, favorable weather, and geographical convenience, these are the definition of a good landscape photo, after all the preconditions are met, then a photographer can finally apply his\her skill and press the button.

Thunderstorm brings rain to the Kansas Flint Hills

Thunderstorm brings rain to the Kansas Flint Hills, Jim Richardson: Landscape Photography

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