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Learning Log #12 – PSA


I had to set up the setting for this shoot. I had the table and a black fabric on top so I can have the pills out with the black background. The black fabric was not in a good condition so the camera caught all the dusts on it, so I had to work on photoshop to edit those flaws. I focused on doing close up shoots of the pills to avoid unnecessary things in the frame. I thought about the layout as I took pictures. I like how this came out to be.


Final Project Idea

I’m planning to have my cat as the subject for this project. I’m thinking to do Puss in Boots. I’ll be doing a lot of close up shots. It’ll be a challenge since my cat moves around all the time but hopefully I’ll get some good results…

Learning Log #6 High & Low Key Lighting for Still Life


I always take some photographs under the natural light in my daily life, and taking photographs under the artificial light was very fun and educational. It’s fun to see how the ingredients of light can really make a difference. For me, it was easier to take some interesting photos at the low key lighting. The high key photograph was not really successful because I can still see a lot of shadows, but it was overall educational.

Homework #3 Photoville


I went to photoville on Saturday with my friend. And both of us really stopped our way and had a moment to see this work. It is by Josh Haner, a photographer at The New York Times. The color scheme of the photos is just really nice, and the composition in the third photo is amazing. But then I noticed that the photos are about the effects of climate change in greenland. It had brought awareness through beautiful artwork, reminding the audience that we won’t be able to see the beauty of nature in the future but just in the photos.


Sophia Kim


Learning Log #3 Street Photography


When I usually take pictures on the street, I tend to take pictures of the people in their back. This time, for the first time in my life, I asked this guy with the blue outfit for a permission. It was a great experience. I tried to think of the whole frame when taking photographs, and tried get rid of unnecessary elements out of the frame.


Sophia Kim