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Learning Log # 7: Portrait Lighting

It is extremely easy taking photos with continuous lighting as compare to natural light, the light can be adjust to the needs of the photographer.  however, lighting up the object properly and understand the use of each lighting is definitely something I should learn and practice furthermore.

Broad Lighting


Loop Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting

Short Lighting

Split Lighting


Learning Log #5 Action/ Motion Portraits

I really like these 2 photos that I took because it shows semi motion and frozen motion really well. The first photo is semi motion and I took the photo while she was swinging in the swings, it shows the background in focus while she is blurred because of her swinging. I used a 1/30 shutter speed to catch this shot of her on the swing. The second photo is frozen motion and I told him to jump so I could capture frozen motion and I really like this one because it looks like he’s frozen in time. I also like that this looks like an ad campaign for sneakers/ a clothing brand which I find interesting. I used a shutter speed of 1/1000-1250 to capture the shot of him jumping really high into the air.

Learning Log #4 flash/ Ambient light

I really like these 3 photos that I took of my group partners because of the interesting wall behind them as well as the lighting aspect it shows. To take these photos I used the speed light and played around with it in each shot to see where it would get me. The speed light in the first shot was to the right of him and wasn’t as close as the third one which shows a lot of light but that was also because of how we changed the settings of the speed light. I really like how these photos came out and I like how ambient light really can make a difference for outdoor shoots which I never knew before.

Learning Log #3

I really like these 5 shots that I took because of the fact that the people weren’t really paying attention and doing their own thing which I really like. I kept walking and trying to find people in places where I think it would look interesting for a photo like with the contrast in the first photo which I really like. This exercise we did was very nerve wrecking and awkward because people were everywhere and just kept looking. Though, they were too busy doing their own thing to notice what I was doing most of the time which was a relief.

learning log #2 – Natural Light and portraits

Aaron cruz

Here are my top three for this openlab photos. it was a challenge due the weather some what cloudy and not so sunny for most of the time. but with the help of those reflectors i got kinda of a gold glow on the the second picture which bring him more out. in my third photos i felt was the most powerful one of them all, using the rule of third and having the white part of the reflector to add a bit of white light to his left side gave the image more flat but it worked for me.

Learning Log #2 – Natural Light Portraits


These are the three best pictures I chose. The use of the reflector helped a lot despite there being a diffused light for the setting. Adding in a slight illumination with the reflector applied a fairly noticeable effect onto the images overall appearance. However, the illumination mostly made up for the brighter light that the scene had already been lacking. Had the sun been able to cast a direct light, these portraits could have came out even brighter, revealing the finer details within the image. This is most noticeable in the first shot where I used “fill the frame” rule.

Learning Log #2

I really like these 3 photos that I took because of the pops of light they have as well as the compositions. For the first photo that I took of Kiara, I wanted to pop in some light since it was pretty dark and there was no sun. I tried to pop in some on the right of her face with the reflector and I also wanted to show some of the pink flowers which I thought was nice. For the second photo, I wanted to have 2 of my partners be in it and decided to use the reflector to shine some highlights on their face as well. For the 3rd photo I wanted to fill the frame with my 2 partners in it and try to use the reflector again to get the highlight on their face.

Homework #1- Photographer Blog Post

I really enjoyed viewing Jerry Ghionis’s work. Ghionis is known for being one of the top five wedding photographers in the world. Once you get a look a his portfolio (which include portraits also) you will see why. After meeting and marrying his wife Melissa they traveled internationally an created a business together.Ghionis creating playful and imaginative photography that tells a story showing personality, love and confidence. You get a sense of what type of photographer Ghionis is, with how comfortable an free his subjects look in the photographs. Using a Nikon, Ghionis creates simple, yet descriptive setting of love amongst the couples and their families. Also catching shots that are unforgettably distinct, with a contemporary style.  The photo I picked is a bride in a beautiful dress, with her back facing the camera showing her profile. At first I didn’t notice but there is an elegant reflective nude of the bride within the same photograph in the same position. The bride postioned in the light to give off a shadow that is now her nude reflection. Leaving space for the reflection to fade in the photograph. It is down very tastefully, and whatever the story is behind this photo is gives me a sense off, “I am a sexy bride, with or without clothing, and I’m ready to wed”.