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Learning Log #12 – PSA

For my PSA I decided to do it on global warming. I want to encourage people to use their voice and advocate for cleaner choices that will help our environment. We only have one earth and it will slowly die out if we don’t make more conscious decisions to protect it. I struggled with the use of Photoshop but I’m extremely satisfied with how this poster came out.

Final Project Idea

The fairytale I will be recreating is Cinderella. I will have a model in raggy clothing to begin the story with and she will be doing chores. As the story progresses she will be transformed into a beautiful maiden. The important items that will be emphasized will be the glass slipper and clock. I am looking forward to executing this idea and be as creative as I possibly can with it.

Learning Log #10 –

In today’s assignment we used our own product to create unique product shots. It was an interesting and challenging project because it was with an empty background. If i were to put this into a poster or add it into my portfolio I would have to be more creative and use more photoshop techniques. Overall it was a fun assignment.

Learning Log #8 – Portrait Lighting 2

3 point with background light Butterfly/Clamshell Lighting Edge Lighting 3 point with hair light

In today’s class activity we did 4 different portrait lighting which were butterfly/clamshell lighting, edge lighting, 3 point with hair light, and 3 point with background light. In the first photo, I photographed my subject in front of the 3 point background light, he chose a more ominous pose covering half his face. The background posed as a little bit of a challenge because of its texture but we managed to make it work as a team. The second photo was in front of the butterfly/clamshell lighting which was by far my favorite because it was the most natural and had a lifestyle feel to it. I also loved that my subject was in his most natural form, laughing and smiling. My third photo was the edge lighting which created a dramatic effect. The last one was the hair light and it was an interesting light to move around. This was my favorite class work that we’ve done so far because of my partners and the lighting that we had been given.

Learning Log #6 – High & Low Key Lighting for Still Life

For this still life class I was challenged by the light bouncing off the objects that I chose. In the first photo I chose two figurines of a dinosaur and a doll along with a car for scale. In the second photo I scattered some pills and beads together. In the dark photo I had to lower my shutter speed to 1 second to let more light in and kept my iso as low as i could to avoid grain. In the second photo my shutter speed was higher and it was easier to focus because there was more light to see what i was actually doing.

Learning Log #5 – Action/Motion Portraits

For the first photo of my action shot, my teammate’s arms and legs were spread out as he jumped as if he was making a basketball shot. My shutter was high in order to freeze the model in the frame. In the second photo, I used motion blur by lowering my shutter speed to 1/10th of a second to capture the ghost like effect. This assignment challenged us to think out of the box and use our own body movements instead of just standing still and taking a portrait.

Learning Log #4 – Flash/Ambient

For today’s shoot we worked with the speed light and played around with portraits. I shot Jay and Aaron in various locations such as under the bridge and in the park around nature. In the first photo, I placed Jay at an angle and directed one of my teammates to place the light on the top left corner where there was more shadows to even out the darks and lights. Next, I saw an opportunity to place one of my teammates on a Revel scooter. This time around I decided to create a rough, manly image and told him to channel his inner biker out. The light was punchier which allowed me to create a contrasted photo depicting more shadows on the right side of his face. The last photo was in the park, I knew I wanted to incorporate green and nature into it.

Learning Log #3 – Street Photography

Street photography is my favorite genre of photography so I thoroughly enjoyed going to DUMBO to shoot random people on the street. The environment outside is not controlled which challenges you to capture the raw moments as it happens. The light was harsh so I utilized the shadowy areas of the street. The people I captured were seemingly unaware and opened to being photographed which made my experience less stressful.

Learning Log #2 – Natural Light Portraits

Out of all the images I took outside, these were my favorites. The image was of Christian and I directed him to squat in the middle of the field in a masculine pose as if he were ready to take off into action. The second one of him was in front a rose bush and we were hit with direct sunlight so I prompted him to cover his eyes with his hands. The last photo was of Yari sitting on the chain in front of the bushes and variety of flowers. I desaturated a lot of the colors and made it seem more faded. Overall I thought shooting outside helped challenge my team and I to work with the light rather than against it which made it a fun learning experience.

Homework 1 – Photographer Blog Post

Photographer Joey Lawrence shoots many different styles ranging from portrait, photojournalism, and commercial. Out of the many photographs on his website, I am most drawn to the candid photographs that he captures during his travels. In this photo, Kastom men are escaping the suffocating sulphur cloud of Mount Yasur. The mountains in the background are peaking right through the cloudiness of the sulphur making the foreground appear more bold and contrasted. The warmth of this photo makes me feel like I am surrounded by the sulphur and heat. Joey does a great job of conveying emotions through his images and makes the viewer feel like they’re right there with him. Mount Yasur erupts