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Learning Log #12-PSA

For my psa, I chose to do anxiety. This topic is something personal to me as I have chronic anxiety. Over the years it has gotten better but still there are others out there who suffer in silence or do not get the help they need in order to better control their anxiety. I liked this shoot today because we got another chance to express our ideas again. To execute this I had my partner David pose with his hands covering his face and look down a little.

Learning log 11-Magazine shoot

Today’s shoot was pretty chill, we got to be more free to explore/develop our ideas. For today this is the final product of my idea. Rolling Stone is known for just being yourself and being able to express yourself. To execute this shot my idea revolved around having a male subject (christian my partner) and I had him do different poses and face expressions until we found the right one. The theme is a student trying to survive college.

Learning Log #10 Advertising

Todays class was pretty chill and was very free to develop our ideas. My product was Marshall Headphones. I focused today on lighting and detail because the material of the headphones is leather so I focused on trying to capture the leather along side of focusing on the marshall name. For the last photo I attached the chord to my phone to give it more of a story to the photo.

Learning Log#9-Light Painting

I liked today’s class because I did light painting last semester and really liked it so this second time around I was able to be more creative than worrying about the settings. For todays shoot I tried to keep the same theme which is the led Purge mask, so I asked my teammate Gelek to stay with the mask on for the first 3 shots. For my 4th picture my subject is maryanne I told her to stay still, the main focus is the background affect. out of these 4 I like my second shot with Gelek because its like giving that vibe of multiple personalities. so I was able to take these shots today due to my teammates, and my little knowledge of light painting.

Learning Log#8- Portrait Lighting 2



Edge Lighting

Hair Light

Background lighting

For Todays portraits I tried to use the same models to keep it cohesive. I really like my background lighting photo because my model was comfortable and he posed for me very well. For each photo I tried to make sure that there was no reflection coming for their glasses. Also I didnt have to play around as much with my settings so I was able to focus more today on poses and emotions.

Learning Log #7- Portrait Lighting 1

First Photo of Briana is Split. With this photo I had to adjust my positioning and get down low to her. In my second shot its loop. I had to direct Ebony to keep adjusting her head until we had the loop form. For Rembrandt( Third shot) I had to adjust the height, angle of the light in order to get that triangle on Ebony’s face. For my 4th shot of ebony which is broad, this shot just happened randomly. And lastly my last shot of Ebony its short lighting. Overall when using the gels, I stayed with the same color to keep the theme consistant, I mixed red and yellow gels  together in order to get this final color. Todays portrait lighting was kinda hard but once I got down the what is what it became alot easier for me.

Learning Log#5-Action/Motion Portraits

For todays shoot it was difficult getting the settings down quick enough because I kept missing my shot and having to keep redoing it. Today I learned the difference between frozen motion and semi motion. With the shot of Kendra, I managed to blur the background and focus on her with her hair and hands moving. With Ebony I had to make sure I timed it right to capture her jumping and also capture a good facial expression. These are my two best shots from today’s shoot.