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Cake boss 

The tv food network show I have watch was called Cake Boss. I’ve had watch all 10 seasons and played the game. He could be real tough at times but when working with food it take perfection and precision. It’s time consuming but It’s worth it at the end. I will love to one day try and go on one of his shows when I become big on my pastry’s. I’m very perfectionist with my pastry’s but I do want to focus more on food also. The cake boss had a few episodes I actually enjoyed not saying he’s not fun to watch or interesting theres just some that caught my eye. Like one that was called cake of the thrones which is basically a cake from Ancient times. I really like this episode because i watch this show called games of thrones which is an amazing show and it’s around the same time period also. This show reminded me of the hawks and swords and wars they had from that time. I do love the way he his shows are played out meaning there’s episode where he trains others to get them ready for the pastry life. What I find really intense which happened to me before was when he drops the cakes the same day it has to be given. When he drops the cakes he shows his emotions in his shows which I also like about him. I saw this other episode where he had to bring the cake downstairs and the cake flipped over and splattered all over the stairs and they was down under and hour with the same exact cake the same exact way. When baking cakes or anything pastry it take time so when he was down in an hour it surprised me. I have related to this situation before when I was baking cookies and when I took my cookies out of the oven someone passed by me from the back and didn’t let me know and I dropped the cookies. Those cookies were for service so I know how it feels when things happen and don’t go as planned. Overall cake boss is a great show especially when I tweeted in pastry you can learn a lot from him and know the difficulties in certain things. It takes a lot of patience but it’s worth it at the end.


Anna Nurse Workshop

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To: Professor Krondl

From: Taj Santiago

Date: December 12, 2018

Re: Anna Nurse Workshop


At the Anna Nurse workshop, we learned how to make the French pastry called Macarons. The chef for our demo workshop was City Tech graduate named Emily Rodriguez. She specializes in baking and pastry arts. She now is the Pastry Sous Chef at Danny Meyers the Whitney Museum. She is responsible for all of the desserts that the restaurant produces and also for the museums catering events. Luckily for us, we were in for a treat when we were gonna learn the famous French pastry called Macarons.

During the workshop Chef, Emily went through all of the steps thoroughly and gave good explanations as to why certain things have to be done in order to produce a good Macaron. One of these things was when adding the flour mixture to the egg whites you should use folding in technique or not the mixture will not properly mix and You will be left with lots of air bubbles that will affect your finishing product. She was very precise with her instructions and also made sure she showed the room why you should do the steps the way she made them on the recipe. Something I enjoyed about Chef Emily’s workshop was that she made jokes and was open to lots of different questions and answered them to the best of her ability. The finished product was a Coconut S’more Macaron. The cookie was lightly dusted with graham cookie crumbs and filled with a smooth yet thick chocolate ganache with an outer layer of marshmallow torched for a nice chard taste. This recipe is great for events as for this recipe yields 200 shells and 100 Macarons.



Taj Santiago



Akouavi Amoussou

Professor Krondl


Did you know artisans aren’t the same as artists, but it can sometimes be hard to tell the diffrence. In the middle ages, artisans organized themeselves into guilds. In like every city each group of artisans like weavers, shoemarkers, and so on had its own guild, witch set you to prices , kept to standards high, and protected its members from outside competitors. in th us however most artisans have always been fiercely independent. Today, when factories produce almost all of our goods, artisant usually make only fine objects for those who can afford them. And we  now even inlude food among the artisan’s crafts, so you can buy artisanal cheeses, breads, and chocolates but probably not if you’re watching your budget. On example is that pieces are collected over time and are usually vintage, secondhand, or bought from artisans.In the hospitality industry the word Artisnanal is important because people like craft worker or creates things by hand that may be functional or stricly decorative, for example furniture, decorative arts, sculptures, clothing, jelwellery, food items,household items and tools or even mechanisms such as handmade clockwork movement of a watchmaker artisans practice a craft and may through experience and aptitude reach the expressive lvels of an artist. well for an exaple i can also talk about artisanal color that was establish in 2011 by a grroup of enterprising pre press opeators who brought their collective skills together in efforts to offer clients opportunities and technology never before availabe. with other 50 years of collective experience in the pre press industry Artisanal color can handle your most diffilcut jobs. speciallising in image manipulation, color correction and digita page assembly Artisanal color is second to none of all your print digital needs./.



Anna Nurse memo

Marian Cepeda



Anna Nurse Memo

On September,29 I attended the Anna nurse workshop were I met Chef  Emily Rodriguez. She graduated from City Tech  Hospitality program in 2013. Eventually Emily Rodriguez decided to study abroad in one of City Tech’s abroad programs which helped her build her career. Chef  Rodriguez works at the Whitney Museum, she makes desserts and all the pastries for the café of the museum and all catering events. At the workshop Emily showed us how to prepare macaroons, everyone asked questions like, which milk chocolate is harder to work with? Dark or white? of course  Emily knew the answer every single question, she explained that dark chocolate milk is easier to work with because it can be exposed to higher temperatures. I learned that Castor sugar is also known as granulated sugar, too much air will make the mixture bubbly, is always best to blend it correctly. When adding water to the sugar is always good to make sure is wet sand. When making your marshmallows is always good to use fresh eggs, what’s an Italian meringue? It’s basically the egg white and when you add the 60g of sugar, the sugar should be cooked in temperature of 118-121 Celsius, it then becomes the Italian meringue. When preparing your macaroons is best to bake for 4 min, steam out, and then bake for 3 more minutes. And last you have you macaroons, my experience at the Anna nurse was amazing and I would love to see more things like this.


Social Responsibility

Spread the Love: Corporate Social Responsibility

When relating both Social Responsibility and the food industry, they connect with each other and explain how important social responsibility is within the food industry. When talking about social responsibility, we are told that it is the balance of an independent personal towards society and economics.  When balancing an establishment you need to understand how everything is going to be planed and focused on. Their needs to be planing on expenses and where the establishment will be taken place within the society. People tend to get lost within the definition of social responsibility. Believing that the establishment should mainly focus on maximizing profits. This is going in the wrong direction because you need to not only focus on gaining money for the company/establishment but getting feedback on customers and learning how the location is benefiting the business. In my opinion from experience of being in the culinary industry, social responsibility is the most important action to be taken place. The customers are the most important, without them, there will be no profits, conversion rates, or acknowledgment within the company.


When thinking of the word sustainable and relate the word to out class it remind me of making sure that our spec sheet is and making sure that there is enough of each product for the day or week at the restaurant. The word sustainable means able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. This word relates to our food and beverage class in many way.

The word sustainable relates to our class because when owning a restaurant u have to make sure that you have enough products for the day to run the restaurant efficiently. A sustainable restaurant is a good restaurant because if it is sustainable it is maintaining the rate that it is going in not only with getting food out of the kitchen but also retaining the amount of customers they get back. If the restaurant does good than the customers will come back making this restaurant sustainable bringing in the same customers and even more due to its way of maintaining a certain level of service. I believe all restaurants should have a sense of sustainability in order to be successful. The word sustainable is also important to the ingredients used at a restaurant because if there isn’t a certain level of a ingredient being used or produced than maybe it is a loss to the production of the restaurant. Also a restaurant that could use its resources very well to make it successful.  


Elise Fredericks

Professor Krondl


When I think of the word natural, the first thing that comes to my mind personally is farmers markets or a vegan/vegetarian diet. I think of colorful fruits and vegetables bursting with that fresh crisp “just picked” taste. In the food industry, “natural” is used mostly to describe naturally sourced products and relates generally to fresh foods and dishes made using fresh ingredients. Say for example a salad bar where you can pick and choose your own mix-ins and pay a little bit too much for something that would be cheaper with some local produce. I can think of a huge handful of vegan restaurants and recipes that require all natural ingredients littered throughout the city and I feel everyone should try something at least once, you might love it! I’ve included a few photos that I have taken over the summer that I feel pertain to the word the most. I love a good farmers market as we’ve approached already this semester, there’s nothing more amazing to me that the wonders of nature presented us with such tasty snacks. Fruits and veggies make incredible portable healthy grub, great for you and bursting with flavor right in the palm of your hand.

Culinary Capital

When talking about culinary capital, you can often see that it takes a major role in our daily lives. The concept culinary capital is used to understand how and why certain food-related practices signify the power on those who know about it. I chose to connect the “Gramercy Tavern Restaurant” because many items on this menu are expensive. This connects to culinary capital because it plays a social role that offer a status to individuals. It’s the concept of someone showing off about their knowledge or financial status through the culinary world. For example, if I were to invite a couple of friends out to eat at the “Gramercy Restaurant “they will immediately think I have “money”. Many will utilize culinary capital to create and support their identity so that they will be consider a “good citizen”. Although being a “foodie” is semi normal in this generation this is another way culinary capital affect our life daily. We will continue to see how the food world will have several impacts on our daily lives as the years go by.

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Vocabulary Post (Value)

Paola Guillen

Professor Krondl

November 21, 2018


    When thinking about the word Value a you think about something that’s important or even how much something is worth.Value is the monetary worth of something : market price (Fatima).When we go to the store we look at the price of something and based on the value we either ask ourselves why is it so expensive or who comes up with these prices.

    In the Hospitality industry, the word value is important especially when owning a business. One example can be the responsibility of valuing your customers. This means treating them with respect, satisfying their needs, making them feel comfortable but most importantly providing good service so they can return again. When given a tip or advice from a customer value it and take their comments to better your business so you can achieve. Another way the word value can be seen is when buying something in a market place. According to the resource, supermarkets buy a brand name item and put a higher price so now it’s known as a “better value”. When buying an item the whole point of a “better value” is to make that item last for a long if it’s clothing and if it’s for food the item has to give the food an unforgettable taste. At the end of the day having something that’s valuable or even value meaning price is all a key in the hospitality industry.


Canting Liang


Prof. Krondl



In english, heirloom meaning a possession handed down from old generation. From my own thought on heirloom in food service, heirloom meaning a handed down of traditional culinary. According to Angela Meah, “Tradition, then, is not a timeless or fixed concept.” In my own comment, traditional culinary is not fixed. It could be change to make it faster and easier, in order to fit into our generation. But it could not be take over by the present food production just like  the traditional food your grandma cooked at home. He talks about the trend of returning traditional food in Europe and how is that important to the tourism in Europe. Especially, in the trend of eating healthy organic food nowadays, traditional food seems to be more natural.