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When relating both Social Responsibility and the food industry, they connect with each other and explain how important social responsibility is within the food industry. When talking about social responsibility, we are told that it is the balance of an independent personal towards society and economics.  When balancing an establishment you need to understand how everything is going to be planed and focused on. Their needs to be planing on expenses and where the establishment will be taken place within the society. People tend to get lost within the definition of social responsibility. Believing that the establishment should mainly focus on maximizing profits. This is going in the wrong direction because you need to not only focus on gaining money for the company/establishment but getting feedback on customers and learning how the location is benefiting the business. In my opinion from experience of being in the culinary industry, social responsibility is the most important action to be taken place. The customers are the most important, without them, there will be no profits, conversion rates, or acknowledgment within the company.

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