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Culinary Capital

When talking about culinary capital, you can often see that it takes a major role in our daily lives. The concept culinary capital is used to understand how and why certain food-related practices signify the power on those who know about it. I chose to connect the “Gramercy Tavern Restaurant” because many items on this menu are expensive. This connects to culinary capital because it plays a social role that offer a status to individuals. It’s the concept of someone showing off about their knowledge or financial status through the culinary world. For example, if I were to invite a couple of friends out to eat at the “Gramercy Restaurant “they will immediately think I have “money”. Many will utilize culinary capital to create and support their identity so that they will be consider a “good citizen”. Although being a “foodie” is semi normal in this generation this is another way culinary capital affect our life daily. We will continue to see how the food world will have several impacts on our daily lives as the years go by.

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Gotham West Food Market

If you are on an empty stomach, you should visit a food hall. You’ll come across many different types of food. I chose to go to, Gotham West Food Market, on 11th ave close to Times Square. I’ve never been to a food hall, so I was expecting something very different. As I walk in I see a huge sign that has a guide on what food are available and which way to go. To my left I had the options of coffee, pizza, tacos, waffles, and oysters. To the right of me I had burgers, ramen, ice cream, and chicken.

As I look around I see runners coming to grab a bite. I see families getting a variety of food. I see seats being reserved for a party. As the conversations are going on my thoughts are coming together about this food hall. I smelled the different aromas coming from each direction. The longest line came from Ramen Slurp Shop.

Time to choose my meal. I’ve never thought choosing something to eat was so hard. I did my research on Gotham West Food Market before coming to see what food I would run into. I had my mind stuck on my mind stuck on ramen. Eating a good ramen on a chilly day was perfect. The thought of it was nice but Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop didn’t have pork ramen. Therefore, I didn’t eat there and had to continue thinking on what to eat. Finally, Choza Taqueria, caught my attention. It caught my attention because I rarely eat Mexican food and the menu looked amazing. I bought a burrito and wasn’t pleased. In my opinion the rice was under cooked and just had a different taste. The price of the burrito and everything in the food hall was reasonable. Prices varied from $3.00 to $30.00.

In conclusion, in a food hall you’ll find different types of cultures and a variety of food. The rarest food I saw was Jian Bing. I found it so interesting when I asked for a water and the cashier gave me a glass bottled water. It tasted so different but good. Overall I had an amazing experience and would come again to Gotham West Food Market and also other food halls.