Anna Nurse memo

Marian Cepeda



Anna Nurse Memo

On September,29 I attended the Anna nurse workshop were I met Chef  Emily Rodriguez. She graduated from City Tech  Hospitality program in 2013. Eventually Emily Rodriguez decided to study abroad in one of City Tech’s abroad programs which helped her build her career. Chef  Rodriguez works at the Whitney Museum, she makes desserts and all the pastries for the café of the museum and all catering events. At the workshop Emily showed us how to prepare macaroons, everyone asked questions like, which milk chocolate is harder to work with? Dark or white? of course  Emily knew the answer every single question, she explained that dark chocolate milk is easier to work with because it can be exposed to higher temperatures. I learned that Castor sugar is also known as granulated sugar, too much air will make the mixture bubbly, is always best to blend it correctly. When adding water to the sugar is always good to make sure is wet sand. When making your marshmallows is always good to use fresh eggs, what’s an Italian meringue? It’s basically the egg white and when you add the 60g of sugar, the sugar should be cooked in temperature of 118-121 Celsius, it then becomes the Italian meringue. When preparing your macaroons is best to bake for 4 min, steam out, and then bake for 3 more minutes. And last you have you macaroons, my experience at the Anna nurse was amazing and I would love to see more things like this.


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