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Tv food network show


Jazarie severino

Cake boss 

The tv food network show I have watch was called Cake Boss. I’ve had watch all 10 seasons and played the game. He could be real tough at times but when working with food it take perfection and precision. It’s time consuming but It’s worth it at the end. I will love to one day try and go on one of his shows when I become big on my pastry’s. I’m very perfectionist with my pastry’s but I do want to focus more on food also. The cake boss had a few episodes I actually enjoyed not saying he’s not fun to watch or interesting theres just some that caught my eye. Like one that was called cake of the thrones which is basically a cake from Ancient times. I really like this episode because i watch this show called games of thrones which is an amazing show and it’s around the same time period also. This show reminded me of the hawks and swords and wars they had from that time. I do love the way he his shows are played out meaning there’s episode where he trains others to get them ready for the pastry life. What I find really intense which happened to me before was when he drops the cakes the same day it has to be given. When he drops the cakes he shows his emotions in his shows which I also like about him. I saw this other episode where he had to bring the cake downstairs and the cake flipped over and splattered all over the stairs and they was down under and hour with the same exact cake the same exact way. When baking cakes or anything pastry it take time so when he was down in an hour it surprised me. I have related to this situation before when I was baking cookies and when I took my cookies out of the oven someone passed by me from the back and didn’t let me know and I dropped the cookies. Those cookies were for service so I know how it feels when things happen and don’t go as planned. Overall cake boss is a great show especially when I tweeted in pastry you can learn a lot from him and know the difficulties in certain things. It takes a lot of patience but it’s worth it at the end.


Anna Nurse Workshop

HMGT 1102


To: Professor Krondl

From: Taj Santiago

Date: December 12, 2018

Re: Anna Nurse Workshop


At the Anna Nurse workshop, we learned how to make the French pastry called Macarons. The chef for our demo workshop was City Tech graduate named Emily Rodriguez. She specializes in baking and pastry arts. She now is the Pastry Sous Chef at Danny Meyers the Whitney Museum. She is responsible for all of the desserts that the restaurant produces and also for the museums catering events. Luckily for us, we were in for a treat when we were gonna learn the famous French pastry called Macarons.

During the workshop Chef, Emily went through all of the steps thoroughly and gave good explanations as to why certain things have to be done in order to produce a good Macaron. One of these things was when adding the flour mixture to the egg whites you should use folding in technique or not the mixture will not properly mix and You will be left with lots of air bubbles that will affect your finishing product. She was very precise with her instructions and also made sure she showed the room why you should do the steps the way she made them on the recipe. Something I enjoyed about Chef Emily’s workshop was that she made jokes and was open to lots of different questions and answered them to the best of her ability. The finished product was a Coconut S’more Macaron. The cookie was lightly dusted with graham cookie crumbs and filled with a smooth yet thick chocolate ganache with an outer layer of marshmallow torched for a nice chard taste. This recipe is great for events as for this recipe yields 200 shells and 100 Macarons.



Taj Santiago

Anna Nurse memo

Marian Cepeda



Anna Nurse Memo

On September,29 I attended the Anna nurse workshop were I met Chef  Emily Rodriguez. She graduated from City Tech  Hospitality program in 2013. Eventually Emily Rodriguez decided to study abroad in one of City Tech’s abroad programs which helped her build her career. Chef  Rodriguez works at the Whitney Museum, she makes desserts and all the pastries for the café of the museum and all catering events. At the workshop Emily showed us how to prepare macaroons, everyone asked questions like, which milk chocolate is harder to work with? Dark or white? of course  Emily knew the answer every single question, she explained that dark chocolate milk is easier to work with because it can be exposed to higher temperatures. I learned that Castor sugar is also known as granulated sugar, too much air will make the mixture bubbly, is always best to blend it correctly. When adding water to the sugar is always good to make sure is wet sand. When making your marshmallows is always good to use fresh eggs, what’s an Italian meringue? It’s basically the egg white and when you add the 60g of sugar, the sugar should be cooked in temperature of 118-121 Celsius, it then becomes the Italian meringue. When preparing your macaroons is best to bake for 4 min, steam out, and then bake for 3 more minutes. And last you have you macaroons, my experience at the Anna nurse was amazing and I would love to see more things like this.


Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket

Elise Fredericks


Since I was a child, I’ve always visited farmers markets all over NYC. I’ve even been to ones in various states all over the country. They have always been one of my personal favorite places to wander through in passing because frankly, I’ve never purposely gone out of my way to visit a farmers market, yet, any time I happen upon one I’m completely drawn in. Be it the signs advertising fresh baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables or, my personal favorite, the maple stands.

Now the market I’m writing about (Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket) unfortunately does not feature a maple stand but they do have an incredible selection of fresh produce and pastries. I have been stopping there almost every week since the start of the semester whether to pick up a few fresh peaches for breakfast before class or a small loaf of walnut zucchini bread. Sadly, peaches are available exclusively in the summer so I’ll have to wait another year for some more.

I do absolutely love the concept of greenmarkets, a nice set up of products from all over NYS for the public to help themselves to and experiences flavors they’ve possibly never had before all while supporting local farmers. I’ve never dealt with very high prices at greenmarkets which is just another point of why they’re so cool. Another thing about the markets I have visited is that a large percentage of them have a compost stand, for food scraps amongst market goers or people bringing their natural scraps from home to recycle. So, affordable AND delicious local goods, supporting farmers and their families, and helping with the environment. How much better could you ask for?


Green-market at Union Square

Katy Phan

Working nearby greenmarket at Union Square more than two years, but I have never actually visited and shopped at this market. My opinion before coming to this market was the products’ overpriced. However, last two week, Prof. Krondl opened my mind about this market, as well as its products.

At the beginning of the field trip, Prof. asked us to find various types of potato and apple. I was thinking about the mission, “Isn’t there just only green and red apple?” Yes, he was right. There wasn’t only green and red apple, but there was a lot of kind of apple. In my notebook, at least twenty types of apple were written down. As same as apple, potato also has the various kind. For instance, Satina, Purple Peruvian, Sun Chokes, White Potato, Russet Potato, Ruby Crescent, etc. While walking around, Prof. introduced several kinds of food which commonly chose by chefs or local restaurants. I also discovered one spot in the greenmarket that was selling black chicken (Silkie). As I knew, Silkie’s origin in China. It has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot, whereas most chickens only have four. The silkie weight wasn’t heavy; it’s around 1,5 pounds to 2,5 lb. My family usually cooked it along with herbal ingredients. They said it’s a tonic for blood system.

Visiting greenmarket on Halloween holiday, I could see a lot of pumpkins that were in different shape and size. I felt the cooling air and smelt the smell of the autumn season. After the trip, my view of point about this market was entirely different. I appreciated the experience, as well as I have learned about the quality, origin, and variety of food. Now, I understand the reason why their price was high.