Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket

Elise Fredericks


Since I was a child, I’ve always visited farmers markets all over NYC. I’ve even been to ones in various states all over the country. They have always been one of my personal favorite places to wander through in passing because frankly, I’ve never purposely gone out of my way to visit a farmers market, yet, any time I happen upon one I’m completely drawn in. Be it the signs advertising fresh baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables or, my personal favorite, the maple stands.

Now the market I’m writing about (Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket) unfortunately does not feature a maple stand but they do have an incredible selection of fresh produce and pastries. I have been stopping there almost every week since the start of the semester whether to pick up a few fresh peaches for breakfast before class or a small loaf of walnut zucchini bread. Sadly, peaches are available exclusively in the summer so I’ll have to wait another year for some more.

I do absolutely love the concept of greenmarkets, a nice set up of products from all over NYS for the public to help themselves to and experiences flavors they’ve possibly never had before all while supporting local farmers. I’ve never dealt with very high prices at greenmarkets which is just another point of why they’re so cool. Another thing about the markets I have visited is that a large percentage of them have a compost stand, for food scraps amongst market goers or people bringing their natural scraps from home to recycle. So, affordable AND delicious local goods, supporting farmers and their families, and helping with the environment. How much better could you ask for?


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