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Prof. Krondl. Vocabulary Post.

“When I was sourcing, I had to look for what material was popular and what was affordable.” (Arrrona E.)

A different way of saying sourcing would be Provenance. This word, related to Food Service, means point of origin; where everything starts. According to Peter Jackson, writer of Provenance, “The value of a product is closely associated with the place from which it derives.”

Sourcing is related to Procurement because it is part of that process. In other words, when you are sourcing you need to make a connection between how the product is produced, the price, and the point of origin of what you are planning to buy.

When you are sourcing, you are looking for something, food in this case. The way “Sourcing” works in the Food Industry and to this picture is the following:

Imagine that you own a restaurant, and you are looking for suppliers. The picture shows the kitchen staff planning and talking about their sourcing. They are evaluating which vendors they should use to provide them with the produce they need. They are looking for potential vendors, having on mind the standards they chose.

We all need sourcing in one way or another. For example, my mom and I used to cook for our family; more than 20 people. We had to think about our suppliers, not in the same way as a restaurant does, but we did. Our suppliers were not a company, but a warehouse. We thought about our needs, and figured out what was the best for us.


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  1. Michael Krondl

    Because food is such a daily necessity, so many things done in a restaurant also occur in the home (and vice versa). Nonetheless, there are differences and not just in scale but in substance.


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