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Anna Nurse Assignment:

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Seafood and Sustainability assignment:

You have been asked by your dining room manager to recommend ways to source fish more sustainably.  Accordingly, you will write a short paper (250-500 words) explaining:
1. what sustainability means, when we talk of seafood
2. why you and your business would want to source seafood sustainably
3. how you would go about it (How do you decide what seafood to buy?  What organizations can help you in this? How do you communicate your concerns to your customers?)

Use the following videos, articles and website as source material. Make it clear that you have read or seen them.  Include a bibliography and in text citations where necessary using APA style.  For more on APA see the NYCCT website: http://libguides.citytech.cuny.edu/citations/APA

Due Nov. 21

Grading rubric: 6 points for each section, 2 points for grammar and style (20 total)


Watch video:

The blue revolution: A new way to feed the world | The Economist

Fish farming: The promise of a blue revolution | The Economist


Visit website and click on the View the Seafood Watch Cafe Interactive training module.

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