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Jazarie severino

Cake boss 

The tv food network show I have watch was called Cake Boss. I’ve had watch all 10 seasons and played the game. He could be real tough at times but when working with food it take perfection and precision. It’s time consuming but It’s worth it at the end. I will love to one day try and go on one of his shows when I become big on my pastry’s. I’m very perfectionist with my pastry’s but I do want to focus more on food also. The cake boss had a few episodes I actually enjoyed not saying he’s not fun to watch or interesting theres just some that caught my eye. Like one that was called cake of the thrones which is basically a cake from Ancient times. I really like this episode because i watch this show called games of thrones which is an amazing show and it’s around the same time period also. This show reminded me of the hawks and swords and wars they had from that time. I do love the way he his shows are played out meaning there’s episode where he trains others to get them ready for the pastry life. What I find really intense which happened to me before was when he drops the cakes the same day it has to be given. When he drops the cakes he shows his emotions in his shows which I also like about him. I saw this other episode where he had to bring the cake downstairs and the cake flipped over and splattered all over the stairs and they was down under and hour with the same exact cake the same exact way. When baking cakes or anything pastry it take time so when he was down in an hour it surprised me. I have related to this situation before when I was baking cookies and when I took my cookies out of the oven someone passed by me from the back and didn’t let me know and I dropped the cookies. Those cookies were for service so I know how it feels when things happen and don’t go as planned. Overall cake boss is a great show especially when I tweeted in pastry you can learn a lot from him and know the difficulties in certain things. It takes a lot of patience but it’s worth it at the end.


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