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This assigment builds on the vocabulary your have explored in your English class but with a specific focus on food service, and especially on sourcing and ingredients.

  1. You will choose one word from the list of 12 words.  It can’t be a word you’ve already written about.  
  2. You will take a picture of an ingredient, menu item or restaurant that represents that word and you will explain how the picture illustrates the word.
    • define the word as it applies to food service, you may use part of the definition created by a student in the English class but you must give credit to that student
    • use the resources below to give the word context, consider how the reading shifts your understanding of the word, not every reading addresses the concept directly
    • add any additional comments from your own experience to help define the word
    • posts should be between 150 and 200 words.  This part is due Nov. 21.
  3. Comment on another students post using your own personal experience to discuss the topic. It can’t be a word you’ve already written about.  This part is due Nov. 28

To access the internet resources you must be logged into the library using your library ID.  For help contact the library.

  1. artisanal
  2. cultural capital
  3. value
  4. professionalism
  5. sustainable
  6. natural
  7. industrial
  8. social responsibility
  9. sourcing
  10. global/local
  11. heirloom/heritage
  12. diet

The following students are assigned to the readings.  Column 1 is the first blog. Column 2 is the comment.

1102 Food Words.PDF