Elise Fredericks

Professor Krondl


When I think of the word natural, the first thing that comes to my mind personally is farmers markets or a vegan/vegetarian diet. I think of colorful fruits and vegetables bursting with that fresh crisp “just picked” taste. In the food industry, “natural” is used mostly to describe naturally sourced products and relates generally to fresh foods and dishes made using fresh ingredients. Say for example a salad bar where you can pick and choose your own mix-ins and pay a little bit too much for something that would be cheaper with some local produce. I can think of a huge handful of vegan restaurants and recipes that require all natural ingredients littered throughout the city and I feel everyone should try something at least once, you might love it! I’ve included a few photos that I have taken over the summer that I feel pertain to the word the most. I love a good farmers market as we’ve approached already this semester, there’s nothing more amazing to me that the wonders of nature presented us with such tasty snacks. Fruits and veggies make incredible portable healthy grub, great for you and bursting with flavor right in the palm of your hand.

2 thoughts on “Natural

  1. Michael Krondl

    Nice pictures that certainly describe natural as you see it and the way the food industry would like us to think about the word. And the way you describe natural is certainly how consumers mostly conceive of the word. I wonder though about the discrepancy between reality and perception when it comes our of a vague, feel-good word such as “natural.”

  2. Jazz

    My thought on “natural”

    “Natural” I love it! I think of natural as a being yourself and showing you without any accessories. But that doesn’t relay to food your definition explains it all. I absolutely adore your pictures they are very clear and colorful. The way you explain natural is a ways I wouldn’t have explained it. I was once a vegetarian and enjoyed to eat natural foods. I want to go back to eating right again and I will the start of next year. I will like to try to become a vegan this time. I feel it was maybe a little short but wasn’t bad maybe you could write a little more on it explaining more also maybe add your experiences or just more detail. Overall you did a great job on your explanation and it wasn’t confusing to read. They way you wanted us to understand what natural means is a way the food industry wants us to understand it. I can relate to this word also because I have wrote about this word on one of my assignments and the way I Rephrased it it didn’t compare to your definition but it was similar.


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