When thinking of the word sustainable and relate the word to out class it remind me of making sure that our spec sheet is and making sure that there is enough of each product for the day or week at the restaurant. The word sustainable means able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. This word relates to our food and beverage class in many way.

The word sustainable relates to our class because when owning a restaurant u have to make sure that you have enough products for the day to run the restaurant efficiently. A sustainable restaurant is a good restaurant because if it is sustainable it is maintaining the rate that it is going in not only with getting food out of the kitchen but also retaining the amount of customers they get back. If the restaurant does good than the customers will come back making this restaurant sustainable bringing in the same customers and even more due to its way of maintaining a certain level of service. I believe all restaurants should have a sense of sustainability in order to be successful. The word sustainable is also important to the ingredients used at a restaurant because if there isn’t a certain level of a ingredient being used or produced than maybe it is a loss to the production of the restaurant. Also a restaurant that could use its resources very well to make it successful.  

2 thoughts on “Sustainable

  1. marian cepeda

    This is a really nice way of using the word sustainable, you included what we are learning in class to explain what the word sustainable means, also how you explained in a very detailed way how the word sustainable can be used in the industry and Using the Spec sheet as an example was a good thing to do as well. I agree with your statement that, restaurants should have a sense of sustainability to be successful, Yes! this is very important specially when operating a restaurant you want to keep your restaurant running and helps them maintain the amount of customers they get. l like the image you used to support your definition.

  2. Michael Krondl

    It’s interesting that you looked at the word from a purely business perspective. I wonder though, if that’s what most people think of in the industry when the word sustainable comes up?


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