Union Sq GreenMarket

Arrona Ettienne

Professor Krondal


             It was my first time at the Union Square Green market, and what made it more special was that it was on a Wednesday. I usually go to the one at Grand Army Plaza, which are usually open on saturdays and are more crowded. Due to the fact that it is more crowded I tend to leave earlier rather than visit the many of the stalls. But at this (Union sq) market I enjoyed it more. This market had a flow since it started off with the fruits and vegetables and went on to the baked goods, honey, and meats. Since it was Halloween one of the vendors had a large variety of pumpkins, which made me very happy and calm. I got the chance to experience many different foods like duck bacon and cheddar bread unlike when I am at Grand Army Plaza. The vendors were welcoming with majority of the offering free samples. I thought that many of the goods that was being sold was going to be expensive but it was at a fairly better price than what I see at my local supermarket.  My favorite part of visiting this market would be  tasting the Maple cream. It was something I never tasted before and it was something that I kept thinking about all day. Visiting with my classmates made it more special because our professor went more into depth about things we wouldn’t even pay attention to on a regular basis. One thing I do regret is going on an empty stomache and not bringing a tote bag. The plastic bags they provided weren’t strong enough. But since I was hungry I just grabbed the first thing that was edible, and didn’t get to compare my choices. Next time I will.

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