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Arrona Ettienne

Professor Krondal

Vocab: Diet


Everyone knows the word diet. Many can relate it to the type of foods they eat on a regular basis or a fitness regimen that they are following to lose weight. But I focused on how it relates to food service (cuisine based). My classmate Laurel Polanco gave all the different meanings of diet but there is one that sticks out the most. The definition she used was “Food or drink regularly provided or consumed.” In many cuisine restaurants the food is usually what’s in the diet of the people from that area. Often many food service operations try to adapt to individuals dietary needs and preferences, but when it comes to cuisine restaurants they just stick with the diet from that country.

In the picture above is from a Korean restaurant in the city (Koreatown) and it did not have anything related to a typical American diet. We ordered a beef set and it came with all the side dishes in the small bowls. When I watch Korean dramas what we ordered is breakfast.  What made us fuller was the fact that we order tteoboki (spicy rice cakes) and we just wanted to unbuckle our pants and fall asleep. A group of young Koreans came in and ordered three different sets (beef, seafood, chicken) and finished each one and still ordered desserts. It definitely showed me that every countries diet is different and sometimes it is hard to adapt to one other than your own. So many food service operations work very hard to make sure that the cuisines they make can somewhat be replicated or similar to what fits a typical American diet.

Union Sq GreenMarket

Arrona Ettienne

Professor Krondal


             It was my first time at the Union Square Green market, and what made it more special was that it was on a Wednesday. I usually go to the one at Grand Army Plaza, which are usually open on saturdays and are more crowded. Due to the fact that it is more crowded I tend to leave earlier rather than visit the many of the stalls. But at this (Union sq) market I enjoyed it more. This market had a flow since it started off with the fruits and vegetables and went on to the baked goods, honey, and meats. Since it was Halloween one of the vendors had a large variety of pumpkins, which made me very happy and calm. I got the chance to experience many different foods like duck bacon and cheddar bread unlike when I am at Grand Army Plaza. The vendors were welcoming with majority of the offering free samples. I thought that many of the goods that was being sold was going to be expensive but it was at a fairly better price than what I see at my local supermarket.  My favorite part of visiting this market would be  tasting the Maple cream. It was something I never tasted before and it was something that I kept thinking about all day. Visiting with my classmates made it more special because our professor went more into depth about things we wouldn’t even pay attention to on a regular basis. One thing I do regret is going on an empty stomache and not bringing a tote bag. The plastic bags they provided weren’t strong enough. But since I was hungry I just grabbed the first thing that was edible, and didn’t get to compare my choices. Next time I will.

Food Hall Blog

Arrona Ettienne


For this project I went to Dekalb Market Hall. I chose this food hall because I been to most of the halls in the city but none of the halls in Brooklyn except Smorgasbord. When I arrived I thought it was trader joes, but it was actually the market.  As I rode the escalator down the noise began to get louder and but as soon as I got off I was hit with the wonderful smells of the food. It was bright, and the decorations of each stall and the area complimented each other. I went on Saturday, October 6th, between the times of 2-6 pm. It was crowed but weirdly enough there wasn’t long lines for many of stalls.

This market hall has pretty much everything. The cuisines ranged from East-Asian to American. It even had things that someone wouldn’t think of that would make you spend your money. Some vendors are like For Cell Fried Pizza (7.99-12.99), Arepa lady, Key lime pie, I’m Katz Sandwich shop, Delaney Chicken (3 – 11) etc. These vendors sell food like pizza, arepa’s, key-lime pie, chicken sandwiches, pulled pork, ribs, and many more. What tempted me the most was crepes; many vendors were selling it and what didn’t help was the make my own options that many included. However, I resisted the urge not only because the wide variety of it but because they mostly accepted cards. I didn’t bring my card so when I noticed that they mostly used cards I marked down who did and who accepted both.

I ended up settling for Korean food specifically Korean fried chicken (KFC). Every time when I buy Korean food it is usually just a lunch box (spam, rice, egg, seaweed) so I wanted to try the fried chicken. Bun Smith is one of the few that excepts cash, so I used that opportunity and went big and ordered the medium in the chicken which came up to $14.25. It did seem a little pricey but when the food arrived it was worth every penny (see below). Since I was eating KFC and I can’t drink soju (Korean liquor) I went for green tea from Hana Noodles. This is a card only place, so I used my friends card and got a Mango Iced tea with bubbles that came up to $4.08 including tax. The food complimented each other. The KFC was seasoned thoroughly, it came with steamed buns, pickled radish, and pepper sauce.

Everyone at this facility was kind and welcoming, I would go back there again. This food hall didn’t have nothing I never seen before so that was good. Can’t wait for the new vendors to come.