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Arrona Ettienne


For this project I went to Dekalb Market Hall. I chose this food hall because I been to most of the halls in the city but none of the halls in Brooklyn except Smorgasbord. When I arrived I thought it was trader joes, but it was actually the market.  As I rode the escalator down the noise began to get louder and but as soon as I got off I was hit with the wonderful smells of the food. It was bright, and the decorations of each stall and the area complimented each other. I went on Saturday, October 6th, between the times of 2-6 pm. It was crowed but weirdly enough there wasn’t long lines for many of stalls.

This market hall has pretty much everything. The cuisines ranged from East-Asian to American. It even had things that someone wouldn’t think of that would make you spend your money. Some vendors are like For Cell Fried Pizza (7.99-12.99), Arepa lady, Key lime pie, I’m Katz Sandwich shop, Delaney Chicken (3 – 11) etc. These vendors sell food like pizza, arepa’s, key-lime pie, chicken sandwiches, pulled pork, ribs, and many more. What tempted me the most was crepes; many vendors were selling it and what didn’t help was the make my own options that many included. However, I resisted the urge not only because the wide variety of it but because they mostly accepted cards. I didn’t bring my card so when I noticed that they mostly used cards I marked down who did and who accepted both.

I ended up settling for Korean food specifically Korean fried chicken (KFC). Every time when I buy Korean food it is usually just a lunch box (spam, rice, egg, seaweed) so I wanted to try the fried chicken. Bun Smith is one of the few that excepts cash, so I used that opportunity and went big and ordered the medium in the chicken which came up to $14.25. It did seem a little pricey but when the food arrived it was worth every penny (see below). Since I was eating KFC and I can’t drink soju (Korean liquor) I went for green tea from Hana Noodles. This is a card only place, so I used my friends card and got a Mango Iced tea with bubbles that came up to $4.08 including tax. The food complimented each other. The KFC was seasoned thoroughly, it came with steamed buns, pickled radish, and pepper sauce.

Everyone at this facility was kind and welcoming, I would go back there again. This food hall didn’t have nothing I never seen before so that was good. Can’t wait for the new vendors to come.

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