Gansevoort Market

Last two weeks, my sister and I went to Gansevoort Market with excited emotion. We decided to come to this place because we wanted to try a new type of food hall in Chelsea area. It located in the west side Manhattan between 8th and 9th avenue. It’s near to Chelsea Market, High Line park, Apple store, shopping stores, and Google campus.

The food hall had two main entrances and offered a few wooden benches in front for customers who want to enjoy the environment around this place. Gansevoort Market was a medium size food hall with nineteenth purveyors. They service various type of foods. For instance, 2 Dough Boyz (cookie dough), Thaimee (Thai food), Luzzo’s (Pizza), John’s juice (smoothie and bubble tea), Wing Club (Korean Chicken), Makito (Sushi and Noodle), etc.

Entering into of the food hall, I saw purveyors were in a rectangle shape and ran along two sides. Each spot had several seats in front of the counter. The food hall also contributed some tables at its center. They also provided customers with a romantic and comfortable place by adjusting medium warm yellow-light and high ceiling. I walked around twice and stopped at Makito station. They were providing authentic Japanese foods such as sushi, sashimi, noodle soup, and rice bowl. I chose miso ramen which cost $15 and contained in a small plastic bowl. My sister chose spicy chicken ramen which cost $14. My portion wasn’t too particular because of only two pieces of pork belly on top and miso soup was too bland. Another bowl that was spicy chicken had overcooked boiled egg and salty broth. In my view of point, its price was unworthy. There was a pizza spot that I was unwilling to try due to it’s overpriced, $7 a piece. And another place that I wanted to taste, but they ran out its special dish. It’s Thaimee (Thai Food) which serviced Magic Noodle. The Magic Noodle is gluten-free glass noodles, and it changes to blue when it reaches to table.

I was lucky to come to the food hall on an uncrowded day. I was slightly disappointed with the quality of food. However, I felt satisfied because I have learned the manner of food hall operations; how they organize businesses, and how they produce foods in these small spots. This food hall is just acceptable. I prefer going to Chelsea Market or Dekalb Market which are much better than Gansevoort, and foods are worth my pocket.

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