Turnstyle Underground Market

If you ever so happen to be on the subway and you have some spare time then you should visit the Turnstyle Underground Market. This is a food market located in the heart of the train station on 59th street Columbus Circle. The best part about this market is that you are the wide horizon of variety that is offered to you in such a medium-sized space. With its vibrant colors that pop and its many shops, you find something that catches your attention.
While I walked through the market I noticed there were many different foods to purchase. At the start of the market, you notice the aroma of the different foods at the market. You can smell the chicken from the Taiwanese vendors and the empanadas from the Bolivian vendors. Also luckily for some of us who are in the mood for something sweet they have many things like Dylan’s Candy Shop, Woops Macarons, or the fascinating 16 Handles and Mochidoki collaboration. With its dynamic and energetic vibe, you won’t have any problem feeling intrigued to be there. I decided to indulge in the Chick ‘N Cone and the Whoops macaroons for dessert. I purchased the Chic ‘N Cone because I had seen it on an Instagram food page called Devourpower. The menu offers 6 different types of sauces that your chicken is paired with. I decided to choose one of their popular choices called the Yella BBQ. It is a tangy sweet and sour bbq sauce that is really tasty and matches the fried chicken breast cuts really well with the cone. This was something good, easy and fun to eat due to the fact that the chicken comes in a waffle cone which was really good as well. This was only 8 dollars and it brought a good amount of chicken. This was a cheap and good thing to buy at the market if your someone whos hungry and on the go. I was tempted to try the duck but I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it so I passed on purchasing it. I then walked around more and the macarons had caught my attention. The different flavors like pistachio, fruity pebbles and red velvet really caught my eye. I had purchased the box of 6 macrons for 15 dollars. My favorite one I had purchased was the fruity pebble macaron because it was nice and creamy while it also had bits of the cereal in the filling. My least favorite one I had gotten was the red velvet macron. I felt like this macaron was overly sweet with its filling and it didn’t really taste like red velvet.
My day at the Turnstyle Underground Market was a good one because it opened my eyes to the many different and interesting types of food there is to offer. This is a great place for food bloggers or anyone interested in trying new foods you wouldn’t normally find anywhere in this big city. I would recommend this food market to everyone here in the city.

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