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Anna Nurse Workshop

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To: Professor Krondl

From: Taj Santiago

Date: December 12, 2018

Re: Anna Nurse Workshop


At the Anna Nurse workshop, we learned how to make the French pastry called Macarons. The chef for our demo workshop was City Tech graduate named Emily Rodriguez. She specializes in baking and pastry arts. She now is the Pastry Sous Chef at Danny Meyers the Whitney Museum. She is responsible for all of the desserts that the restaurant produces and also for the museums catering events. Luckily for us, we were in for a treat when we were gonna learn the famous French pastry called Macarons.

During the workshop Chef, Emily went through all of the steps thoroughly and gave good explanations as to why certain things have to be done in order to produce a good Macaron. One of these things was when adding the flour mixture to the egg whites you should use folding in technique or not the mixture will not properly mix and You will be left with lots of air bubbles that will affect your finishing product. She was very precise with her instructions and also made sure she showed the room why you should do the steps the way she made them on the recipe. Something I enjoyed about Chef Emily’s workshop was that she made jokes and was open to lots of different questions and answered them to the best of her ability. The finished product was a Coconut S’more Macaron. The cookie was lightly dusted with graham cookie crumbs and filled with a smooth yet thick chocolate ganache with an outer layer of marshmallow torched for a nice chard taste. This recipe is great for events as for this recipe yields 200 shells and 100 Macarons.



Taj Santiago


When thinking of the word sustainable and relate the word to out class it remind me of making sure that our spec sheet is and making sure that there is enough of each product for the day or week at the restaurant. The word sustainable means able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. This word relates to our food and beverage class in many way.

The word sustainable relates to our class because when owning a restaurant u have to make sure that you have enough products for the day to run the restaurant efficiently. A sustainable restaurant is a good restaurant because if it is sustainable it is maintaining the rate that it is going in not only with getting food out of the kitchen but also retaining the amount of customers they get back. If the restaurant does good than the customers will come back making this restaurant sustainable bringing in the same customers and even more due to its way of maintaining a certain level of service. I believe all restaurants should have a sense of sustainability in order to be successful. The word sustainable is also important to the ingredients used at a restaurant because if there isn’t a certain level of a ingredient being used or produced than maybe it is a loss to the production of the restaurant. Also a restaurant that could use its resources very well to make it successful.  

Turnstyle Underground Market

If you ever so happen to be on the subway and you have some spare time then you should visit the Turnstyle Underground Market. This is a food market located in the heart of the train station on 59th street Columbus Circle. The best part about this market is that you are the wide horizon of variety that is offered to you in such a medium-sized space. With its vibrant colors that pop and its many shops, you find something that catches your attention.
While I walked through the market I noticed there were many different foods to purchase. At the start of the market, you notice the aroma of the different foods at the market. You can smell the chicken from the Taiwanese vendors and the empanadas from the Bolivian vendors. Also luckily for some of us who are in the mood for something sweet they have many things like Dylan’s Candy Shop, Woops Macarons, or the fascinating 16 Handles and Mochidoki collaboration. With its dynamic and energetic vibe, you won’t have any problem feeling intrigued to be there. I decided to indulge in the Chick ‘N Cone and the Whoops macaroons for dessert. I purchased the Chic ‘N Cone because I had seen it on an Instagram food page called Devourpower. The menu offers 6 different types of sauces that your chicken is paired with. I decided to choose one of their popular choices called the Yella BBQ. It is a tangy sweet and sour bbq sauce that is really tasty and matches the fried chicken breast cuts really well with the cone. This was something good, easy and fun to eat due to the fact that the chicken comes in a waffle cone which was really good as well. This was only 8 dollars and it brought a good amount of chicken. This was a cheap and good thing to buy at the market if your someone whos hungry and on the go. I was tempted to try the duck but I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it so I passed on purchasing it. I then walked around more and the macarons had caught my attention. The different flavors like pistachio, fruity pebbles and red velvet really caught my eye. I had purchased the box of 6 macrons for 15 dollars. My favorite one I had purchased was the fruity pebble macaron because it was nice and creamy while it also had bits of the cereal in the filling. My least favorite one I had gotten was the red velvet macron. I felt like this macaron was overly sweet with its filling and it didn’t really taste like red velvet.
My day at the Turnstyle Underground Market was a good one because it opened my eyes to the many different and interesting types of food there is to offer. This is a great place for food bloggers or anyone interested in trying new foods you wouldn’t normally find anywhere in this big city. I would recommend this food market to everyone here in the city.