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Anna Nurse memo

Marian Cepeda



Anna Nurse Memo

On September,29 I attended the Anna nurse workshop were I met Chef  Emily Rodriguez. She graduated from City Tech  Hospitality program in 2013. Eventually Emily Rodriguez decided to study abroad in one of City Tech’s abroad programs which helped her build her career. Chef  Rodriguez works at the Whitney Museum, she makes desserts and all the pastries for the café of the museum and all catering events. At the workshop Emily showed us how to prepare macaroons, everyone asked questions like, which milk chocolate is harder to work with? Dark or white? of course  Emily knew the answer every single question, she explained that dark chocolate milk is easier to work with because it can be exposed to higher temperatures. I learned that Castor sugar is also known as granulated sugar, too much air will make the mixture bubbly, is always best to blend it correctly. When adding water to the sugar is always good to make sure is wet sand. When making your marshmallows is always good to use fresh eggs, what’s an Italian meringue? It’s basically the egg white and when you add the 60g of sugar, the sugar should be cooked in temperature of 118-121 Celsius, it then becomes the Italian meringue. When preparing your macaroons is best to bake for 4 min, steam out, and then bake for 3 more minutes. And last you have you macaroons, my experience at the Anna nurse was amazing and I would love to see more things like this.


Vocabulary post

Marian Cepeda
Professor. Krondl
Due: 11/21/18 / HMGT 1102

Word: Natural

Although the word Natural has many definitions and can relate to many things, I chose the definition that relates more. In the industry the word natural can relate. he word natural means, relating to or being natural food. In many restaurants the vegetables, fruits etc. they use  are all considered natural, these foods grow on their own naturally. When cooking in a restaurant, customers expect meals with fresh foods, it gives the dish a better and fresher taste, which is why restaurants use these fresh foods. Coconuts for example, they are natural. Thy grow on trees by themselves. Other fruits like, apples, grapes and more also grow by themselves.
My classmate Moises Rivera  used the word natural in a different way according to Moises own words, “The real world definition of natural is doing something without no effort or thought it’s just in you and comes out. Some people use the word as to say are those real? It can also be described as someone who is still the same or natural after fame. Natural also means real and never changing.” , he used the word natural to explain how natural can also mean, when you do something naturally, in his case, a sport.

In these pictures you can see 2 examples of natural vegetables and natural fruits, and how they are used in restaurants.



A trip to the Market

Marian Cepeda

Professor Krondl


Visiting the market located in 14th street has opened up my eyes to new things and learn more. This market place was created to protect farms, it was founded in 1976. There were about 230 producers, selling fruits, vegetables, meat, fresh fish, bread, and more. At this amazing place I noticed the different varieties of apples of apples such as, honey crisp, Mutsu, jonagold, Fuji, and many more. I also also saw different kinds of potatoes like, Austrian crescent, satince (yellow flesh), and last but not least parsnips. What caught my attention the most which I bought and took home with me was, the apple cider it was great!. And it taste different from the apple juice I am used to drinking. The black chicken was another thing that I was very curious about. I had so many questions. The lady at the stand was very communicative and was able to answer all my questions. At the market I also saw huge pumpkins and of course I can’t forget about the dog posing for a picture like if he was a model,  between the pumpkins. I was enjoying the colors, the different smells, shapes, and tastes. As  was walking i also noticed the different flowers they had in one of the stands, I love flowers! They make happy. This trip was fun I was able to learn about a lot of things and interact with a lot of my classmates, share our opinions on some of the things we tried at the market. I was fascinated and wanted to buy a lot of things but I was able to buy, honey, apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, bread, honey soap, strawberry jelly, and cheese. Visiting the market was truly amazing, and I would go and visit again.


My food Hall Adventure

Marian Cepeda

HMGT 1102

Professor Krondl

Food Hall Reaction Blog

 Ever wondered what is like to go out and try different kinds of food? The different smells, tastes, shapes, colors that the food industry can provide. Food Halls also do this for us. The Plaza food hall located in 59th street under the Plaza Hotel is one of the places that with their amazing and different variety of foods can expand our taste in food.

The Plaza Food Hall is very fancy and interesting, the design on the walls is different from other hotels it was modern but at the same time I felt like I was in a castle, the golden color of the walls  and the lights were low which made me feel relaxed. The first floor was filled with fancy jewelry stores. I took the escalators down to the lower level where the food hall was located, and there I saw  so many food stands. It was hard for me to just pick one. Each food stand sold something different, they sold things like, soup, cake ,donut ,crepe stand, tea , and last but not least a pasta. I was indecisive and did not know where to start, i walked in circles wondering, then, I decided to try pasta. The squid ink pasta, yes! Squid ink, it goes well with this kind of pasta because of it purplish color. At the “ORA DI Pasta” they give you different kinds of options, you can make your own pasta and watch the amazing service provided by Kevin who greeted me with a smile as soon as I walked in and took my order. My struggle to pronounce “squid ink pasta” made him laugh, he gave me different sauce options and ofcourse, I chose the best sauce, my personal favorite, Alfredo sauce and added some fresh tomatoes and shrimps to go,It was delicious!, it was also very affordable, I payed $21 for my food. The place was decorated with chalk boards that  had quotes about food in Italian. The smell of the tomato sauce and the other smells around  was so strong I can almost taste it.

At Ora DI Pasta , the  products were handled with care and since my order was to go, they gave me a very nice plate and put my food in a bag that contained a flyer, their business card, parmesan cheese, tissues, and garlic bread. I could taste the Crepes from the place next door, and the smell of donuts. I was intrigued by the macaron gift box but it was too expensive, it costs $74.00, but I hope one day I can go back and try it. There was so many things but there was one thing I did not want to try, it was a pie made with potatoes, caramelized onions, and eggs, almost like a omelette but in shape of a pie. The customers looked like people who were staying at the hotel, the way some were dressed made it seem like a conference room full of business people, others looked like tourists, taking pictures of the food and trying  different things. At the food hall I noticed how the cooks have conversations with the customer, asking them how they are doing and if they would like to add anything special to their meals, which I loved because it’s always important to communicate with your customers and give them he best service, it attracts customers. The prices on the food were very affordable, the crepes were $10, the pasta was $21, the donuts were $9 for 5 small donuts, and a bowl of soup $12. Some things were not so affordable for example, a bar a chocolate in the macaron stand was $40-50 depending on the size and the macarons were 12 pc for $74 dollars.

Food halls are the best places in my opinion to visit when it comes to trying new things. Visiting The plaza Food Hall was amazing and so was the food at the ORA DI Pasta kitchen. I recommend this place. I hope that others like me visit The Plaza Food Hall and have an amazing experience.

images of The Plaza Food Hall