A trip to the Market

Marian Cepeda

Professor Krondl


Visiting the market located in 14th street has opened up my eyes to new things and learn more. This market place was created to protect farms, it was founded in 1976. There were about 230 producers, selling fruits, vegetables, meat, fresh fish, bread, and more. At this amazing place I noticed the different varieties of apples of apples such as, honey crisp, Mutsu, jonagold, Fuji, and many more. I also also saw different kinds of potatoes like, Austrian crescent, satince (yellow flesh), and last but not least parsnips. What caught my attention the most which I bought and took home with me was, the apple cider it was great!. And it taste different from the apple juice I am used to drinking. The black chicken was another thing that I was very curious about. I had so many questions. The lady at the stand was very communicative and was able to answer all my questions. At the market I also saw huge pumpkins and of course I can’t forget about the dog posing for a picture like if he was a model,  between the pumpkins. I was enjoying the colors, the different smells, shapes, and tastes. As  was walking i also noticed the different flowers they had in one of the stands, I love flowers! They make happy. This trip was fun I was able to learn about a lot of things and interact with a lot of my classmates, share our opinions on some of the things we tried at the market. I was fascinated and wanted to buy a lot of things but I was able to buy, honey, apple cider, apple cider doughnuts, bread, honey soap, strawberry jelly, and cheese. Visiting the market was truly amazing, and I would go and visit again.


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