Union Square Green Market

Laurel Polanco

Prof. Krondl

Union Square Green Market

I have never been in a green market, at least not in the United States. The Union Square Green Market is open in the Union Square Park. Even though they do not use the whole block, the market is huge. It is easy to walk, and the stands are well organized and identified. I felt like a house woman doing shopping for home, those were the vibes. I found interesting the variety of goods you can find there, they go from honey soap to maple butter, and cactuses. All the vendors know what they are selling, and the process from the farm, to the counter. With this experience I learned that there is not only one, but more than 15 varieties of apples; the bread and its different forms, colors, and flavors, and don’t talk about the finger potatoes. That was the most impacting thing to me. It is also interesting how a big city like New York, which is not really recognized for being a farm, but for being a financial state, is producing their own goods. This market sells products grown in the city, and that is an advantage for restaurant owners. It is an advantage because you know, meaning owners and customers, where their produce is coming from. But the owners and chefs have to be aware of the availability of certain products that can be found in the city, but only in specific seasons. Otherwise, they will have to buy it from another place. All in all, I enjoyed the experience, it gave me an opportunity to explore new things I did not know existed, and a new place to go and buy local food.

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