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Vocabulary Post (Value)

Paola Guillen

Professor Krondl

November 21, 2018


    When thinking about the word Value a you think about something that’s important or even how much something is worth.Value is the monetary worth of something : market price (Fatima).When we go to the store we look at the price of something and based on the value we either ask ourselves why is it so expensive or who comes up with these prices.

    In the Hospitality industry, the word value is important especially when owning a business. One example can be the responsibility of valuing your customers. This means treating them with respect, satisfying their needs, making them feel comfortable but most importantly providing good service so they can return again. When given a tip or advice from a customer value it and take their comments to better your business so you can achieve. Another way the word value can be seen is when buying something in a market place. According to the resource, supermarkets buy a brand name item and put a higher price so now it’s known as a “better value”. When buying an item the whole point of a “better value” is to make that item last for a long if it’s clothing and if it’s for food the item has to give the food an unforgettable taste. At the end of the day having something that’s valuable or even value meaning price is all a key in the hospitality industry.

The Plaza Food Hall

Paola Guillen

Professor Krondl

October 31, 2018

Food Hall


I have never been the type of person to just go ahead and try something without thinking. I always have doubts and question every single thing especially when it came to food. If I have never tried it my opinion would stay the same and I wouldn’t try it. That all change when we had to go to a food hall and try new foods.

When walking into the food hall the first thing I smelled was pancakes. It smelled like chocolate chip pancakes or even chocolate chip cookies. When entering I saw people sitting at the table with their computers, some were eating lunch with their friends/family while others were just there because of their sweet tooth. They were dressed very high class and I felt out of place there. Looking around made it look like I was lost because honestly couldn’t decide where to eat since  there were so many places to choose from. While searching for a place to try I honestly was heading towards all the sweets until i found a small cornered place. The place I was pulled towards was No7 Sub. The first thing I noticed was that there were only 2 people working, one in the counter and the other one preparing the food. Looking at the menu I ordered the Bob Genghis Khan sub which was $13. It had crispy chicken, Mongolian BBQ sauce, smashed avocado and pickled jalapenos. It only took 5 minutes to make which was good because I was anxious to try what it tasted like. When I got sat down and opened it, the BBQ was the only thing I smelled. The bread was fresh and warm and the chicken was crunchy but not too crunchy.

Overall I was a bit picky because I was scared to try something new but it was really good and I wouldn’t mind going again. The employees were really nice and had your order done right away. 

food hall