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In english, heirloom meaning a possession handed down from old generation. From my own thought on heirloom in food service, heirloom meaning a handed down of traditional culinary. According to Angela Meah, “Tradition, then, is not a timeless or fixed concept.” In my own comment, traditional culinary is not fixed. It could be change to make it faster and easier, in order to fit into our generation. But it could not be take over by the present food production just like  the traditional food your grandma cooked at home. He talks about the trend of returning traditional food in Europe and how is that important to the tourism in Europe. Especially, in the trend of eating healthy organic food nowadays, traditional food seems to be more natural.

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  1. Michael Krondl

    While not particularly discussed in the reading, heirloom fruits/vegetables and heritage breeds of animals have gained a big following among some restaurateurs. That begs the question: is older, more traditional always better?


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