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In english, heirloom meaning a possession handed down from old generation. From my own thought on heirloom in food service, heirloom meaning a handed down of traditional culinary. According to Angela Meah, “Tradition, then, is not a timeless or fixed concept.” In my own comment, traditional culinary is not fixed. It could be change to make it faster and easier, in order to fit into our generation. But it could not be take over by the present food production just like  the traditional food your grandma cooked at home. He talks about the trend of returning traditional food in Europe and how is that important to the tourism in Europe. Especially, in the trend of eating healthy organic food nowadays, traditional food seems to be more natural.

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There are plenty types of food in the world, and food hall is the place where you can get many of them. The food hall that I visited was the Dekald Market Hall, it was located in the basement level of City Point Shopping Center, not far away form City Tech College.

When I first took the elevator to the basement level, I saw lots of food counter. The market looks nice and relax, And the customer I saw there were mostly office work. Most of the food were sold at the counter by the vendor and pick up by the customer. There are plenty options for the customer there, such as fast food, barbecue, and some vegan options for the customer. And they also have many special option, such as Vietnamese pho, Chinese noodle soup, and poke bowl. I want to try everything there, everything looks great, but I only chose to try the Vietnamese papaya salad because I was not hungry. The papaya salad taste really fresh and appetizing with the sweet and sour. It cost me around 8 dollars, the prices of the food there were decent.

Food hall always the best place for you to try something new, they have plenty of food option, drink and dessert. And you can get a nice place to sit down and relax.