THE WORK [collaboration]

At times, the workload was very minimal for me, so last week I collaborated with my classmate Noel, to work on some templates for the PDC workshops. We were tasked with revamping the previous PDC templates with something more fresh and stylistically appealing to students (so they’ll want to actually read the flyer being sent to their emails).

Our thought process included utilizing black and white backgrounds with pops of color (highlighting the pertinent information such as headlines, workshop descriptions, date/time/location of event, and dress code). We thought that making the background photos black and white would give for a clean, sleek look, thus highlighting the main information. We also decided to go with a modern sans serif font (Gill Sans). This reminds me of Beatrice Ward’s Crystal Goblet essay — where she explains that typography must not get in the way of the message being delivered to the audience. Noel and I did exactly that by making the photos black and white and selecting the font that we did.


Overall, I think Noel and I collaborated well on this project. We knocked out these templates in about a day and a half. Also, there were a few other templates that he was working on and asked for my input which I gladly gave. He was very responsive. I also taught him a few shortcuts in InDesign that he hadn’t known before. He was very appreciative of it.

At the end of that day, I remember one of the women working at the Professional Development Center told us that she was listening to our conversations while we were working on the the templates, and she thought that we worked well together as a team. It both brought a smile to our face. Once we left the PDC office for that day, we both turned around and said “wow, I can’t believe they were listening!” This was a lesson learnt because it just goes to show you that at the workplace (and pretty much anywhere), people are always watching so one needs to be aware of their surroundings and how they conduct themselves. Had we been conducting ourselves in an unprofessional matter, it definitely would’ve been noticed as well. Needless to say, this was a very satisfying feeling to know that people at our place of internship noticed our professionalism.