Due to unforeseen circumstances I am no longer interning at Outfront Media and consequently had to look for an internship elsewhere. However, I found  one and  I am currently interning at the school (NYC College of Technology) in the Professional Development Center.

My first day on Tuesday, September 24 went great. I worked alongside one of my classmates who also happened to be interning there. We worked on updating the poster templates for the Professional Development Center’s upcoming workshops and events. It was fun working on this project because it’s absolutely what I love to do — thinking of creative ways to get an idea across with minimal words. Look out for our posters of the PDC’s upcoming events in your school emails!

Another task we were given was to put up flyers all over the school of an Estee Lauder career event  hosted by the Professional Development Center that is happening in October. We used double sided tape and thumbtacks to hang them. I must admit, it was a bit tiring going from floor to floor but with the help of my classmate the job went by a little faster. I look forward to see what next week has to offer!